Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Visual Timers for your iPad Classroom

Students do not always have a great sense of time and many of my students over the years have miscalculated the time remaining on a particular task or assessment piece. This is a skill that they develop over time but not without some devastating consequences. These visual timers are exceptionally good for visual learners but work just as well for all the students in your class. Start to generate better time management in your class with the use of one or more of these visual timers.

Visual: $0.99 AU
Visual is a visual countdown timer. Know how long you have left with a simple glance. With Visual, the passage of time is presented through the changing of your screen colour. Time remaining is communicated like traffic lights. Green means lots of time left. Yellow half. And red means it's time to wrap it up.


TicoTimer: $0.99 AU
Tico Timer is a visual timer for children. Select from ten different types of countdown available, from disappearing squares to a shrinking circle, and it will tell your students - in a visual way - how much time there is left. Tico Timer is a great way for developing the sense of time in small children.


VisTimer Free: $1.99 AU
The VisTimer was developed to provide a gentle implementation of time imposed limits. It utilizes an animated shrinking pie chart to depict elapsed time. Visual thinkers often have difficulty conceptualizing time. Being able to see the changing pie chart as time passes makes it easier to understand time.


Timetrack - Visual Timer: FREE
TimeTrack is a tool used to visually display time. It is intended for children and other people who have a hard time understanding the abstract concept of time. Each light represents a fixed number of minutes. When the time is up, lights will flash and a sound will play.


Visual Time HD: $2.99 AU
Visual Timer HD is a timer which slowly uncovers a stunning photo over time. The time chimes when the time is up. The timer can be set quickly by controlling a slider and/or plus and minus buttons for adding or subtracting minutes and it includes a digital representation of the remaining time.


Timer Visual 1.0: $0.99 AU
Do you have students who have difficulty understanding the concept of time? Time can be an abstract idea, this can generate anxiety in people that do not have the ability to calculate the amount of time for left to complete an activity. Timer Visual helps to solve this problem by providing visual clues.


Visual Countdown Timer: $2.99 AU
A digital timer that shows the elapsed time clearly and is easy to use. You can countdown from any duration. It uses the full screen of the iPhone/iPod touch without any additional clutter while running. It helps to better visualize the concept of time, useful for example during an oral exam or to teach time to kids.


Kiddy Timer: FREE
Kiddy Timer is the perfect time management tool for parents, and teachers to monitor children's daily activities. This is a beautiful, easy-to-use, functional timer. Simply add child’s photo, name and select up to 4 timers that fit your child's age and daily schedule.


PiTimer: FREE
PiTimer is a clean and simple visual timer. It is useful for any situation where you want a visual representation of time remaining. Great for giving students an idea of how long is left on an activity. This is especially useful for timing children at home or in class.


Timers and Tokens: $0.99 AU
Timers and tokens provides two separate functions for use in the classroom or at home. First, it gives you a visual timer. Useful when working in the classroom  to demonstrate how much time they still have to work on a task. The timer starts as red and then becomes yellow and green as the end of the time approaches.


Waitstrips: $0.99 AU
The Waitstrip provides a concrete visual representation of increments of time, amount of steps to be completed, number of minutes to work, number of math problems to be completed etc. It is a visual guide that allows an individual to remain on task or focused for a duration of time.


SessionTrac Time: $0.99 AU
SessionTRAC is a visual timer that allows for easy monitoring of the time remaining in any timed session. It is ideally suited for presentations, speeches,  play or nap time. The interface is designed to be easily understood, providing quick understanding of the fraction and pace of the time remaining, .


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