Friday, January 24, 2014

Learning to Tell the Time

Telling the time is one of those skills that many young children struggle with initially. Even in these days of digital displays the ability to read an analogue clock is an important skill, a skill that overlaps with other forms of numerical literacy.  The actual transfer of the skill between analogue and digital is just as important. Here are a number of apps that give kids the opportunity to learn to tell the time in both an analogue and digital formats.

Tell Time: FREE
Most students are at school for a couple of years before they start to learn how to tell the time, however this apps is appropriate for any students that is starting to show an interesting telling the time. If students can read simple books than they have enough skills to be able to tell the time.

Nanzoo Clock: FREE
Nanzoo Clock has been designed to assist your children in telling what time the hour and minute hand are both pointing at. With an efficient design for learning to tell time and kid-friendly animals, your children can experience learning to tell the time in a the fun friendly way.

Time Teacher Lite: FREE
Time Teacher is a great way to teach children how to read time. The app contains a number of activities that will help children develop an understanding of telling the time for your children, including; matching digital and analog time and setting the hands on an analog clock to match a digital clock.

Tick Tock - Tell the Time: $0.99 AU
Tick Tock is an app aimed at helping children learn, explore and practice telling the time. It's child friendly design means children can learn and have fun at the same time! It is suitable for a range of abilities as the user can select the difficulty, allowing them to gradually make the questions more challenging.

iTellTime: $0.99 AU
iTellTime is a fantastic app that teaches and drills children who are learning how to tell time. Children need to be familiar with different ways of telling time,  hours, halves, quarters, minutes and hours and minutes. With iTellTime your child will enjoy learning how to tell time in no time.

Tick Tock: $0.99 AU
Kids can have fun learning to tell the time! Move the clock hands with your finger and press a button to hear the time, or the app can ask you to set a random time - the children move the hands to set the clock hands and then press a button to check the answer. All times are read aloud in English.

Interactive Telling Time: $2.99 AU
Interactive Telling Time is great for kids from ages 3 to 12 and comes in 5 difficulty levels so that it helps kids master telling time progressively. Beautifully illustrated with many adorable clock designs and accompanied by encouraging voice-overs to enhance their learning experience.

Around the Clock: $2.99 AU
Around The Clock is primarily not an app for learning to tell time. Instead, the app is an introduction to the clock, the different hours, and how a day can look.  Fine and clear illustrations make it both easy and fun to use this app. The 24 mini-games are all so intuitive that children can play all by themselves.

Tic Toc Time: $2.99 AU
The underlying principle for this application is to help children connect the concepts of digital and mechanical clocks. A child manipulates either the mechanical/analog or the digital clock using simple gestures and observes the effect on the other clock. The in app narration allows children to purposefully use Tick Tock Clock.

Mingoville Fun Clock: $2.99 AU
Mingoville Fun Clock is a fun and safe educational game that will teach your kid to tell time. Fun Clock also contains storytelling, explaining how the clock works and it includes animations. Fun Clock app will teach your kid to tell time in a funny way by playing the game with animations and great sound effects.

Jungle Time: $A2.99 AU
Jungle Time is an engaging, easy to use educational app that teaches kids how to tell time in multiple languages. For iPad only – takes full advantage of iPad screen size with special graphics and double-clock math problems. Animal faces smile and roar in a fun jungle theme with unlimited fresh problems every time.

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