Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Prezi for iPad

I have written about the benefits of Prezi at my other blog at Prezi is a great non-linear presentation tool that allows users to zoom into and out of the canvas they create their presentations on. This is excellent to use when you want to create links in concepts presented or to see how the different components of the idea work together and then you want to zoom in to look at the individual details of those components. Anyway Prezi have announced that they have developed and are about to release a Prezi app for the iPad.

If you have not had a play with Prezi sign up and have a go. Check out some of the amazing presentations that other people have already made - especially around the idea of Web 2.0 and using technology in schools.

Then imagine using your presentation on an iPad or even better getting your students to create their presentations using Prezi on the iPad.

Prezi also emailed all their account holders yesterday the 26.1.11 to inform them of a competition for an iPad. Create a Prezi about using it on the iPad or what features you would like to see it create for use on the iPad for a chance to win one. A great motivation to start learning Prezi.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Car Charger for iPad.

Kensington PowerBolt Micro Charger
Perfect for when you are dashing off to an inservice and you have forgotten to charge your iPad. Kensington’s $24.95 PowerBolt Micro Car Charger provides 2.1A of power for charging, but for an extra $5.00 I would get one with a double USB port so you can charge you iPod at the same time. Obviously it also charges your iPhone. All of this from your cigarette lighter - which most of us don't use anyway.


Zaggmate is a sexy lightweight protective case for your iPad that also doubles as a bluetooth keyboard for easy convenient typing. FoxNews says this is a tech accessories that would not break the bank. At $99.99 US this is one way to get more out of your iPad device.

PenGo Stylus

After I blogged about the Nomad Brush I found another set of tools worth looking at - PenGo. These guys are a group of artists and designers who have got together to create a set of tools for the new touch screen devices on the market. The TouchPen retails online for $14.99 US

Not only have they developed a TouchPen stylus but also a BrushPen that allows you to write, draw, paint or navigate on the iPad, They work on any capacitive touch screen or application, providing the comfort and control of a pen instead of being "all thumbs" with your fingers.

PenGo Creative have also developed and are about to release a Drawing and Painting app - PenGo Paint. No release date has been set yet but check their website for announcements of the upcoming launch on iTunes.

These look good, especially as some of my students struggle with the fine hand-eye co-ordination skills necessary when working on detailed images on the iPad. I will have to get a few for my art classes - test them out. I'll let you know what my students think.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Year long iPad trial teaching Algebra.

A colleague sent a link to a great article from Tina Barseghian over at Fantastic read thanks Peter.

Whether or not the iPad is the Holy Grail in education has yet to be determined. But when one of the biggest textbook publishers in the world invests in a pilot program specifically for the Apple tablet, it’s a good indication that, at the very least, it’s on the short list.
Since last fall, 400 California middle school students have been using the iPad to learn Algebra with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s Fuse program. This first app, Holt McDougal Algebra 1, is an interactive version of the textbook, and with it, students get feedback on practice questions, they can write and save notes, receive guided instruction, and access video lessons.
“We like to say that the course is ‘re-imagined,’” said John Sipe, senior vice president, national sales manager at HMH. “It’s a lot more than just adaptation. We know that it’s a more iterative process than a revolutionary process in moving things to mobile delivery to a place like iPad.”
To read the full article follow link:

Friday, January 14, 2011

iPad's New Secret Tricks

 Gizmodo have produced a youtube video on their discoveries of the iOS 4.3 Beta on the iPad - four and five finger multi-touch gesture support. A pinch brings you to the Home Screen, a swipe up or down reveals and hides the multitasking bar, and swipes left or right allow you to switch between apps. Watch the Gizmodo vid for a good little demo. This will make it easier for both little kids and older users of the iPad.

It is always good to keep abreast of new developments and software updates on iPads, iPods and iPhones. Many people do not install new software updates and then wonder why everybody else's machine is doing something their one is not.

Friday, January 7, 2011

iPad Camera Connection

This is a three in one Camera Connection device that read straight from your camera, your SD Card or even your Micro SD card. These are being sold online for $29.95 $US

Nomad Brush

This is a new form of stylus for the iPad. This stylus has been designed to work and create like a traditional paintbrush. Not yet on the market, it is set for release in Feburary 2011. Check out the website and sign up for email notifications.

iMarker from Crayola

The iMarker digital stylus brings the app to life.

Like a marker, crayon, pen, and paintbrush in one, iMarker creates favorite Crayola colors within the ColorStudio HD App. iMarker safely interacts with iPad's Multi-Touch display, allowing the ColorStudio HD app to differentiate between the child’s input (fingers, swipes, etc.) and the iMarker automatically. This allows intuitive, creative play that brings the accuracy and ease of a stylus but, for the first time, allows the user to both manipulate the creative space and color, without having to toggle the app between modes.