About Me

Hello my name is Greg Swanson. I was originally
an Art Teacher who was interested in the use of digital technology in the classroom. I was a Secondary teacher for 16 years before working in Head Office for the last 7 years. 
When iPads were first introduced I was given the privilege of testing a set with my senior students. I asked them to start evaluating which apps were good, which one we could use on the classroom and why and also which ones may improve our learning. 

What happened was the development of a criteria based on the learnings of my students. I was then invited to become the Senior Project Officer eLearning at Head Office. This position allowed me to further my interest in Computer Integration, Web 2.0 and engaging students in their own learning through innovative technology and collaborative classroom practices.

In my current role I have been lucky enough to have developed online courses, developed staff professional learning in both iOS, Mac and Google environments and more importantly have continued to learn from the staff that I work with everyday and the thousands of students that I come into contact with through our work.