Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Creating Poetry on your iPad

Poetry is one of the arts that many students struggle with. I always found that providing a initial successful learning experience was the best way to instil both confidence and foster engagement with my students. Here are a bunch of apps that would allow a student to get their teeth into writing some poetry and for those that struggle an opportunity to see just what they are capable of.

Word Mover: FREE
Word Mover mobile is used to supplement classroom instruction, reinforce concepts taught in class, and offer increased student engagement. Word Mover allows children and teens to create "found poetry" by choosing from word banks and existing famous works; create a piece of poetry by manipulating the text.


Visual Poet: FREE
Visual Poet is an application for creating visual poetry. With Visual Poet, the user can combine imagery and text to author compelling mixed media works of art and publish them to the internet. Create 3 panel visual poems using Google images or from your own photo library and then email your work.


Poetry Creator: FREE
Set your creativity ablaze with Verses's word mixing possibilities. After creating a poem out of your own personal mix of dictionaries, you can send your creation to friends via email. Arranging words into your own poetry is much easier and smoother (and thus more enjoyable) using Verses.


Instant Poetry HD: $1.99 AU
Have fun creating your own beautiful, passionate, and romantic poetry, with your own pictures as backgrounds! Tap a button to pop up some words, and then drag them around the screen to create your masterpiece. Send your creations to your friends to make them smile!


Verses: $1.99 AU
A neat and tidy app for creating poetry. Save poems and lyric ideas before you forget them. Use the built-in rhyming dictionary as you're writing to lookup rhymes, near rhymes, synonyms, antonyms, related words, and similar-sounding words. Tweet your poems and lyrics


Poetics: $1.99 AU
Poetics is a visual poetry app that combines moveable text with photographic imagery, merging your journal, camera and pen into one. Take a picture and write a poem. At the touch of a finger, words playfully collide and interact, giving a physical feeling as you scale, rotate, lift and drop in creative process.


Rhyme Now: $1.99 AU
Writing a poem? Need to find exactly the right word? Then RhymeNow is the tool for you. With RhymeNow you can quickly find rhymes from a database of 55,000 English words, organized by syllable count or word usage frequency. Look up words that begin with, end with, or contain a group of letters.


Visual Poetry: $1.99 AU
This app is really about display your poetry once you have written it. Make beautiful text collages with Visual Poetry. Type your text or phrase and watch it instantly arranged as a mosaic in a variety of shapes and styles. 24 symbols are included or you can draw you own shapes. Pinch and drag to resize and rotate individual words.


PortaPoet: $1.99 AU
PortaPoet will help you to write and share poems, challenge others to rap battles, collaborate with others to write poems and more! Use PortaPoet to write poems and share them on social media. Engage in rap battles, or collaborate with others to write poems.


Little Poets: FREE
Children have fun while improving their use of language - discovering adjectives, rhyming words, reciting, writing own poems and memorizing beautiful poems that will enrich their lives forever. Designed by education experts to further children’s understanding of reading and literacy. 4-6 year-olds.


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