Monday, January 20, 2014

Venn Diagrams on the iPad

Graphic Organisers apps for iOS are few and far between. There are some good Venn Diagram apps but the overall choice is very limited. I would love to see more Graphic Organiser apps developed for iOS so students can take advantage of the structure they afford. This structure is helpful for all students but especially those students who struggle in particular areas - organisers and venn diagrams can give them the ability to at least have a format for their responses. Here are a couple of Venn Diagram apps that you can evaluate for use with your own students.

Venn Diagram: FREE
This app allows users to create Venn diagrams that contain two or three overlapping circles. Users identify and record concepts that can be placed in one of the circles or in the overlapping areas, allowing them to organize their information logically. The finished Venn diagram can be emailed or saved.

Venn Diagram Maker: $0.99 AU
Venn Diagram Maker allows students to make simple venn diagrams and send them to their teachers via email. Students can create, edit, save, and delete venn diagrams. Features Autosave so you don't have to worry about losing work and the ability to email the diagram, You can also save, edit, and delete charts.

Draw Venn for iPad: $1.99 AU
Draw Venn is ideal for making Venn Diagrams. Dozens of standard symbols make you instantly productive diagrams. A Venn diagram is an illustration of Comparisons and analyze of information in a system. Describe and compare attributes and characteristics of items (things, people, places, events, ideas, etc.)

Draw Smart: $1.99 AU
Now preparing flow charts, diagrams and presentations is way too easy and consumes minimum amount of time. This application can mainly be used for making diagrammatic models. Draw Smart helps you to become more effective, productive and profitable within minutes.

Lekh Diagram: FREE
Lekh Diagram can be used to make diagrams, flow chart, organizational chart, business process diagram, venn diagrams, mind maps and any kind of illustrations. Draw shapes and connections by dragging your finger on iPad and the Lekh Diagram will recognise drawing and convert them into diagrams.

Kidspiration Maps Lite: FREE
Work with up to five diagrams to create maps, edit and stylize content, transform diagrams to outlines, and try out the built-in activities. Kidspiration Maps helps young readers and writers learn to organise and classify information, gain sight word knowledge and expand their ideas into written expression.

Class Handouts: $0.99 AU
This is a simple application designed to assist Grade school to University Teachers in replacing typical paper handouts of Venn Diagrams, T Charts, 3 Column Charts, and 4 Column Charts with the iPad and email. The student fills in any of the provided iPad enabled handouts.

Chart Attacks: $2.99 AU
Chart Attack lets you create and share charts and graphs in minutes! Create your own funny Chart Attacks and share them with your friends! Creating pie charts, line charts, column charts and venn diagrams has never been easier. Vote for Chart Attacks, share them with your friends and create your own Chart Attacks to earn rewards. The best Chart Attacks are rewarded too!

Grafio Lite: FREE
The shapes you draw are automatically closed and straightened, all primitive shapes are instantly recognised . The lines you draw between shapes are automatically turned into connections thanks to our shape recognition algorithms. Some diagrams require more advanced objects.

Venn Master: $2.99 AU
The Venn Master helps graphically solve counting problems involving two or three sets by constructing a Venn diagram for you. Enter all of the known information and the Venn Master will calculate the diagram. If the information is inconsistent, the Venn Master will indicate the problem is not solvable.

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