Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Can I draw music?

Can you draw music? I read a fantastic blog post the other day from @MarkShillitoe on his Learning Freewheel Blog about getting people to explore the potential of redefining tasks on the iPad. The example he used was drawing music. This is such an innovative professional development concept - I love it. Make sure you read his blog post to get a more detailed description of his process.

Mark used an App called Singing Finger HD but it is only one of many apps that allow students to explore the relationship between the nature of a line, it's length, thickness and movement and that of music and sounds. I love the fact that students get to see and feel a physical link between their marks and the sounds that are produced. Great job Mark! This is definitely a guy to follow.

Singing Fingers: FREE
Singing Fingers lets you fingerpaint with sound. Just touch the screen while you make a sound, and colorful paint appears. Play back the sound again! Paint with your own musical instrument or with your voice. Singing Fingers comes with help screens to get you started, examples to inspire you, and the ability to save and load your creations.

Paint the Music: FREE
Have you ever thought of painting music? Sounds weird? No, not any more. Paint The Music is for everyone who want to create music, but doesn’t have the skills of playing a musical instruments. You just paint and it transforms into music. Create your own pieces of art and have fun.

Tune Trace: FREE
Make drawings in the real world and hear them transformed into music. Any drawing can generate live music. Watch as Tunetrace gradually translates your photograph into a skeleton of line endings and crossings. Twinkling lights obey a few very simple rules to navigate your drawing, making music as they go.

Hue Tunes: FREE
There are plenty of drawing apps. There are plenty of music apps. This is the first ever app that lets you make music from what you draw. You're a conductor with a paintbrush, an artist painting with a baton. It's an App-Age artistic medium and a mesmerizing new form of entertainment.

Doodle Sounds: FREE
Paint tool with sounds for iPad. When you draw, funny sounds will sound. Children love it! If you want to use this app without Advertisement, please download "Peke Paint Plus for iPad". And if you want to use this app with iPhone, download "Peke Paint" or "Peke Paint Plus".

Draw Music Lite: FREE
Draw Music with your fingers. It is amazing that you can see what you play. This is an extraordinary experience and the sound of your drawing is really relaxing. Touch, touch and swipe or vibrate your finger, in addition to this try write your name and listen the voice of your name.

Squiggle: $0.99 AU
Draw music! Can you really draw music? Draw some lines and play them as strings. Turn your iPhone and iPad into a colourful instrument. Draw straight lines or play music from the lines and combinations of the lines on your screen. Edit your music by removing lines, cutting straight through them. Shake to play tremolo. Enjoy!

Finger Music: $0.99 AU
Draw a song and hear the notes play as you draw! Be creative and make a great drawing or a beautiful song. Click the Books to create as many different songs as you like. Try playing this 2-player game: one person draws something and plays it so that the other person can hear. Then create a new song and have the other person try to replicate it!

Soundrawing: $0.99 AU
Explore sounds through the act of drawing. Record and playback your drawings, turning them into animations with original sound tracks. Record your own sounds and assign them to various zones of the screen. As you draw in the zones, their associated sounds play following the movements of your finger.

SounDraw: $0.99 AU
Soundraw let's you draw sound. Using the touch screen the app allows you to capture your touch into beautiful sound. The graduation of sound is directly related to the pressure and movement of your finger. Create clean, crisp sounds on your iPad with your artistic fingers. This is a great iPad experience.

Melodala HD: $2.99 AU
A fun drawing app with a musical twist, as your symmetrical picture grows, so does the music. For each new brush you choose there's a new layer of sound to go with it. Pictures are always individual. Designed for everyone from ages 2-102! Cool Funky Patterns-Save, Email, Print. Relaxing, Meditative, Creative.

Musical Paint Pro: $2.99 AU
Musical Paint Pro provides an engaging multi-sensory experience for all ages. Move your finger around the screen to "paint" musical tones. Create audio-visual compositions that you can save and play! A sophisticated app with additional features and no animated characters.

Finger Paint with Sound: FREE
Explore touch with colour, sounds or music. Finger Paint with Sounds offers a fun alternative to help children with special needs and others to practice their first interactions with a touch screen. Simply choose a colour and draw with music, fun sound effects or no sound at all.

Musyc: FREE
Musyc turns touch into music. Draw shapes and listen to your piece of music while viewing sounds bouncing on the screen. Enjoy the 64 instruments exclusively created and produced at Fingerlab music studio as well as all the exciting and new physical and music tools provided in Musyc.

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