Thursday, May 19, 2011

Docstoc iPad App

I wanted to put up some documents on my blog and so investigated some of the document sharing sites that are available. There are a number of good sites that allow you to do this. One that I like is Docstoc. Docstoc, an online document sharing site has launched their iPad app Docstoc Premium.
The free App includes access to documents that are shared on the platform, including both premium and free content which equates to access to over 3000-plus high quality legal and business contracts, forms, guides, and templates as well. Content includes company business plans, proposal letters, real estate purchase forms, LLC operating agreements, marketing plans,and more. You can also integrate your saved, bookmarked and uploaded documents from the web on the app through your account.
This is Docstoc’s first mobile app, which is surprising considering that the startup has been around since 2007. The startup, which faces competition from Scribd and SlideShare, is growing in terms is usage. A year ago, Docstoc has around 3 million users and today the site has 11 million registered users.


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