Sunday, June 12, 2011

iOS 5 - Features List Part 2: The Camera


Most people use their idevices in many different ways. Some use different devices for specific tasks and therefore we thought it appropriate to catergorise some of the new iOS 5 features into tasks. Many of these features are iPad specific and may not be available for iPhone 3GS - most are available for iPhone 4. It should be remembered that iOS 5 is as yet an unfinished product and as such some features may be dropped or even added. Today we are looking at some of the iOS 5 features that have been released for the Camera. The camera is an under utilised aspect of the iPad. The best camera in the one you have on you, so if you are using an iPad in your classroom then you should be making the most of having instant access to a camera. Anyway here are some new features for you to look forward to.

Camera Features:

  1. Open Camera app from a lock screen: Double tapping on Home button will open the Camera app from a lock screen for quick and easy access. 
  2. Take pictures from lock screen: Volume up button can be used to take pictures
  3. Camera Grid: For more precise focus and accurate photography and for the use of the one-thirds rule. This feature was previously available on Camera+ app
  4. Camera Zoom: Pinch-to-zoom Gesture like Photos app on Camera+ app to capture just what you wanted
  5. One tap Auto Focus and Auto Exposure helpful for changing light sources
  6. Lock Auto Exposure and Auto Focus for consistency - recompose and shoot without losing values.
  7. Swipe Left to open camera roll
  8. Crop Photos: Not available on 3GS. A handy quick fix for casual photographers
  9. Enhance Color tones of photos: Not available on 3GS
  10. Rotate Photos in the Camera roll
  11. Red-eye removal: Removes or corrects Red-eye within the Photos app
  12. Organize photos within Camera Roll
  13. Twitter Pictures: Use Twitter pictures for contacts with integrated Twitter
  14. Improved FaceTime video quality has bee improved for clearer pictures
  15. FaceTime over 3G: Yes, it is now possible. Not yet available for developers though.
  16. FaceTime without Sim card: FaceTime can now be activated and used either via a phone number or Apple ID email address.

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