Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Creating and Renaming Folders on Your iPad

I have been asked a couple a times in the last day or so how to create folders on the iPad. I know it sounds simple but people new to iOS devices are not always aware of these things. Creating Folders is a convenient way to organise your apps. It is sometimes more convenient to have all your related apps in one folder.

Simply hold down the app, wait for it to wriggle and drag and drop it onto another. The iPad automatically creates a folder. The problem is the ipad also automatically names the folder. So how do you rename the folder.

To rename folder on Ipad:
  1. Touch and hold down the folder icon until it starts wriggling.
  2. Then release it and tap the wriggling icon of the folder to open the subfolder window where the folder-title-field will pop up.
  3. Delete the existing name and then type in the new name into the folder-title-window nested on the top of folder's subwindow.
  4. Press the Home button to stop wriggling and return to the Home screen.
When you return to the Home Screen your folder name has changed. Complete the process for your other folders

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