Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Quick edit Videography with iMovie for iPad

This is a How-To-Article written by Wes Fryer over at Speed of Creativity. It is a great resource for classroom teachers who are using the iPad to edit video with their students. If you do have access to iPads and have been unsure how to proceed with iMovie than this is a fantastic resource.

Wes has a great blog about 21st Century Digital Learning. He has a comprehensive list of articles that are worth reading. Make sure you take the time to visit his site. Enjoy!!!

Quick Editing with iMovie for iPad:

The following steps are included in the "Video" chapter of the forthcoming EPUB eBook, "Playing with Media: simple ideas for powerful sharing." This is an example of "quick-edit" videography, which can compliment "no-edit" videography in support of the "ethic of minimal clicks." This final video, "Learning About NASA Mission Control in Houston," is available on YouTube.
After recording a series of videos using an iPad, the iMovie app ($4.99) can be used to edit and combine the videos into a single file. That video file can then be directly uploaded to YouTube from the iPad, using an available wifi Internet connection.
1. Start an iPad iMovie by clicking the “+” icon at the bottom of the screen.

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