Friday, July 8, 2011

Mobile Learning and Tablets in Education RoundUp!

The following is an excellent roundup of recent articles around mobile learning and the use of tablets in education. It is a comprehensive read of current ideas, concepts and concerns around this modern learning phenomenon. It is from the blog of the Upsidelearning. This is a commercial venture but it also maintains a blog about educational issues. We thank them for compiling this list.

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1. #mLearnCon 2011 Backchannel – Collected Resources
This post collects the resources shared via the backchannel of the mLearnCon 2011, that was held between June 21 and 23 in San Jose, California.
2. Why You Need a Mobile Learning Strategy
Not having a strategy for mobile learning is itself a strategy. And not a very effective one at that. Understanding the decision criteria for mLearning, and having a plan for periodically reviewing those criteria and their performance against those criteria, designers and managers are in a much better position to make good decisions about how they will support learning in their organizations. This is just one of the many reasons why you need a mobile learning strategy. Know more here.
3. How To Make The Right Call With Mobile Learning
The popularity of smartphones and tablets in the workplace has increased the interest in mobile learning. But with the mobile landscape constantly evolving, many organizations are asking themselves if now is the right time to take the plunge, or if they should wait for more stability. Know how to make the right call.
4. Quick and Simple mLearning Content for the iPhone
Getting started developing eLearning content is relatively easy; however mLearning is a different ball game altogether. The challenge is manifold: finding easy-to-use development tools, developing for multiple devices, and most importantly, determining the right context for the mLearning content. This article provides you with a very basic vehicle for creating simple mLearning content, so that you can get started quickly, see what’s possible, understand the pitfalls, and begin to figure out how you might blend mLearning into your existing training or learning strategy.
5. What Are Mobile Devices Teaching Your Kids?
Mobile learning blends traditional pedagogy with technology to reach every child. The question is not if your child should use a mobile device in school, but how to do it safely. Know it here.
6. What Exactly Can You Learn On A Mobile Phone?
Understand how a mobile phone can be considered a learning tool, and whether it can actually help bridge the digital divide between low-income, at-risk kids and those with access to computers.
7. 13 Helpful Mobile Web Design Tools & Resources
Here are 13 mobile web design resources that’ll make it easy for you to deliver a snappy but aesthetically pleasing mobile web experience.
8. How 3 Mobile Gadgets are Transforming our Lives: New Research
So how are the 3 mobile devices changing our lives and disrupting stable industries. Know what the latest research from Nielsen reveals after speaking to 12,000 mobile connected device owners about what we are doing with the 3 mobile gadgets that are changing habits.
9. HTML5 – Opportunities for Mobile Devices
HTML5 offers amazing opportunities to us for designing and developing formal and informal learning solutions. So get ready to add mLearning with HTML5 to your learning and development repertoire.
10. 7 iPad Habits of Highly Effective Remote Workers
The use of the iPad by mobile workers is on the rise, and that brings with it both boons and challenges for worker productivity. Here’s how you and your remote staff can stay on top of iPad usage, lest iPad usage controls you and your organization instead.
11. Are Tablets Made for the Education Market Doomed
Does the demise of both the Kno and the enTourage eDGe, aimed squarely at the educational market, indicate that post-PC future doesn’t look too good for education-only devices? Know more about it here.
12. Infographic: iPad Usage In The UK
What’s the media diet of an iPad user? Digital marketing production house Imano surveyed 2,000 UK iPad users in May to find out.
13. Infographic: The Enterprise Mobile Explosion
Companies worldwide are incorporating mobile technology and applications into their operations to increase productivity and revenue and reduce paperwork. This explosion in the use of mobile devices in the enterprise will help to fuel demand for mobile apps, as this infographic shows.

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