Thursday, July 21, 2011

iPad Lesson: Painting a Sentence and Image Inspired Writing

This is a great lesson written by Lisa Johnson @ComputerExplore. It is interesting how she always gets her students to use a series of apps and that the apps are always just the tools and not the reason for the lesson. This is a good example of how a teacher uses the appropriate technology to get their students to delve into their own learning often using tasks that reference Bloom's Taxonomy as the basis for a deeper understanding. 

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This lesson would be just as effective in an Art class where instead of writing the students were asked to create a drawing, painting or mixed media work with the same prompts. It could be used in a History class or even a Social Studies class with images from a historical event or different cultures you are studying. This really is a versatile concept from Lisa.

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  1. Thanks for highlighting one of my lessons. It is great to get feedback on these. I am making it a point this year to write 1-2 more a month. Would love to create more but they take about 12 hours or so from inception to publishing. On a side note, I will be presenting at TCEA 2012: iBuild iPad lessons.


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