Friday, April 22, 2011

iPad Self-Portraits

An excellent collection of iPad Self-Portrait collated by Amy-Mae Elliott at
Now that the iPad 2 boasts a camera, we’re seeing even more creativity in the iOS photography arena. One concept that has raised a smile here at Mashable is the iPad self-portrait.

Artists clockwise from top left; Alexander Small, Andrei Popa, Ted, Corey Weekley, Tim Sismey and Ryan Pendleton.

This would be a great activity to do with your students. Get them to see how many different ways that the iPad could be used to portray the individual character of the subject. Use the background, apps on the ipad the and composition to give the audience a insight into their interests, hobbies and personal tastes. Start a class or school wide competition, invite a local artist or photographer in to select the 10 most innovative, have some cool iPad accessories or itunes cards as encouragement awards.

Why not have a rotating display of the works in the school, or combine this activity with a QR code exercise and display some of the works around your school as QR codes only to be viewed via iphone or QR readers. Lots of fun and a good way to gets your kids involved in digital photography. See the Art iPad Apps page for some great photography Apps.

The added bonus of an activity like this is the insight you are given into the self image of your students

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  1. Someone needs to ask Apple why they let us folks buy the iPad and less than 3 months later came out with the iPad 2. There is no upgrade or discount for buying an upgrade.

    Now we who were anxious to get an iPad are stuck without all the new improvements which they knew they were going to come out with.

    Loyalty counts for nothing these days.

    Steve C.


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