Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Quizlet - Revision and Study through Games

I love this App. My students love this App. Quizlet is an App that allows you to make fun interactive flash cards. You can set up words, definitions even images to commit to memory. It is a fun and easy way for students to revise work, terms or definitions. I have found that even students in the senior school will happily use this app. They like the fun element it provides to the revision process. We have used it for about two years now, we started when it was still in Beta testing and was a Web 2 tool. I even get the students to construct the questions as part of a revision activity. We then peer assess the options offered and I will upload them and use them the next day as a class competition. Sometimes they write tougher questions than I would. It is about expectations.

My senior students use it to learn and remember the multitude of names and artists of works we are studying in our case studies. It is a great way to inject some fun into a lesson every couple of weeks. We have a series of competitions to get the class champion. I love how they think they are having a fun lesson, and I know that they are learning an essential skill for the exams.

There are three different modes; familiarise, learn and test. The best thing about the testing mode is that the students can time themselves. There are two actual games. The first is a Scatter matching game the other is a Space Race, typing in the answer before the word or images gets to the other side of the screen. The introduction of a gaming element has a very positive effect. The students respond very well to attempting to beat their own best score and time but they also like to better the times of their friends. Very addictive just like any good game, but your students just happen to be learning at the same time.


  1. Yes, Really looking good app for these crazy gamers kids. I think it would be helpful for them and teh3y would be get interest in study.

  2. You and your students might like StudyStack too. StudyStack provides more activities to use with your flashcard data than any other web site.



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