Thursday, May 17, 2018

Tablet Use in Schools: Ergonomics, Posture and Screentime Recommendations

As we have been discussing lately, rolling out a BYOD Program can generate a lot of interesting conversations with students, parents and teachers. Many people do not feel  they have the information in order to make informed decision and to set up good routines and habits around tablet use. I admit that this paper 'Tablet Use in Schools: Ergonomics, Posture and Screentime Recommendations' is a bit of overkill at 46 pages but it is not meant to scare people. Refer to the different sections as you need them or have a concern. It is a paper that I would recommend teachers have a look at so they can answer questions from concerned parents about class and home routines for tablet use.

The most basic advice that I continue to give parents, and sometimes schools almost have to give parents permission to say this - 'It is your house therefore your rules'. Do not let your kids put one over you by suggesting they have hours and hours of homework that must be completed on their device. Good communication equals good device use.

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