Sunday, July 3, 2011

How to Design a Beautiful iPad Lesson:

This is a beautiful lesson designed and presented by Rob Miller on Scrib. What I really like about this series of activities is that it allows the students or in Rob's case his teachers to articulate their own learning.  It is never about a single app. It is the combination of apps that allow the learners to meet the learning outcomes. It is a great example of building a meaningful lesson around a concept and then providing the students with the tools to create content.

The other great thing about this lesson is the beautifully designed yet simple instructions built by Rob. These are a template for all the teachers that are looking for the - How do we present this to our students? These are both stylish and straight forward. There is no unnecessary information and like any good set of instruction not to much information on any single page.

I would like to thank Rob for sharing this resource. It is invaluable as we continue to explore the many ways that the iPads can be used in the classroom within basis of sound and practical pedagogy. You can follow Rob on Scrib here robkmil4801

This series of activities has got me thinking about a whole range of tasks that I now want to design and share with my own students. Imagine if we all designed a series of activities within this lesson format and shared them. We could have a huge bank of lessons in no time. Each lesson that we shared could be a springboard for another idea and then another. Think about it. Anyway Enjoy this great example!!!


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