Monday, July 11, 2011

Accessing Tumblr on the iPad

Tumblr is a blogging platform that is perfect in the classroom. Tumblr is a tool that allows students to reflect on their processes and to articulate the learning that has occurred in a lesson, within a unit or across the year. 

I find blogging a particularly good activity for boys. Boys do not always reflect naturally and this is a good habit for them to develop. From my experiences many girls develop better language skills and an emotional intelligence at an earlier age and find blogging a natural extension of their work.

I have had students resist using tumblr and then within a month or two be using it daily - without any prompting from me. One in particular now posts so often that I  struggle to keep up. I do love it when students get so passionate.

Tumblr lets you effortlessly share anything. You can post text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos, from your iPad, phone, desktop, email, or wherever you happen to be. You can customize everything, and change it as often as you like. I have never seen two of my students have the same theme.

So what apps are available to access Tumblr on the iPad:

Tumblr is blogging site that is very popular with students and teachers. Tumblr says it is home to the most creative people in the world. Tumblr allows you to post anything: share photos, video, audio, quotes, links, and text. You can manage multiple blogs Advanced controls include save drafts, queue posts, customize tweets, and more! 

Tumbletail for Tumblr:
A Tumblr client with thumbnail display like Mega-Editor as well as separate Photos and Texts mode. It includes slideshows, easy Reblog or Like and auto refresh. Allows you to Follow / Unfollow, post to Twitter and manage multi-accounts. It has a passcode feature and allows you to save to Dropbox or Evernote or Read It Later.

Readlr: A Tumblr Client:
The latest 20 posts for each tumblelog you add are downloaded locally, so sync in the morning and enjoy a full day of Tumblr without an internet connection. Turn heads on the subway when you zip through photos with no signal! Tumblr is down? No problem! Sync in the morning when the server load is low and avoid those annoying server outages.

A sophisticated Tumblr Browser. Cool optional interfaces like default 'Photo' app. You can also set passcode so others cannot see your dashboard. You can change its brightness so your eyes never get tired, and you can avoid your dashbaord being glanced at by others. Of course you can reblog, like, and save the images to your photo album!

Tumblita for Tumblr:
A vey popular app for Tumblr viewing. Easily post content immediately, add it to your queue, or even save as a draft for later! Tumblita makes it extremely easy to post text, photos, quotes, links, audio, and video. It's everything you would expect from a Tumblr client designed exclusively for the iPad!

Tumbleroo for Tumblr:
Tumbleroo was the first full-featured iPad client for Tumblr. Big colorful photos, full-screen videos, and all the liking and reblogging you can handle. With Tumbleroo, your dashboard comes to life with text, link, chat, question, photo, audio and video post support. A built-in browser let's you explore links outside the dashboard.

Tum Tum:
Ever wanted a way to cut out all the extras and enjoy tumblr on your iPad with no distractions or messy options? TumTum was created with ease of use and quick actions in mind. A simple and delightful way to browse, like, and reblog photos on Tumblr.  Load your content, get a preview & reblog. TumTum was created with ease of use and quick actions in mind.

Tumblr Gear:
Tumblr gear is a fully optimized application to browse your tumblr dashboard. You have no need to flick the screen or tap the link to go to the next page anymore.Tumblr gear also enables you to do reblog and use the like operation directly. It also features, easy dashboard browsing, auto paging and quick reblog.

The "tumblrFrame" is a tumblr digital picture frame. View your favorite tumblr with slideshow pictures. Reblog by double tapping on the slideshow or pause and show information with a single tap and swipe right to rewind picture. It has file cache mechanism and an auto composition match. TumblrFrame also has multiple tumblr account support for viewing.

With TumbLiking, you can view your favorite Tumblr blogs and access the core Tumblr features that most of us would use when on the go. TumbLiking enables you to easily and seamlessly post photos and quotes. And, you'll enjoy viewing your "likes" and "home" just like with the Dashboard. With one touch, you can reblog, like, delete, and unlike.

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