Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Implementing a 1:1 iPad Scheme: Insights

This is a really well written article about the logistics of a 1-to-1 iPad rollout. The author, Steven Pearce, is the Head of Secondary School at the Nexus International School Malaysia. He is an Apple Distinguished Educator and presents regularly about Digital Learning at Conferences. Steven has set out how his school went about the roll out and how they solved some of the concerns. Steven also suggests that the fact that they had the staff on board and had already performed a 1-to-1 Laptop roll made the whole process easier. This is his insights into how his school went about this process.
Planning is always the key to implementing any new mobile device scheme into an educational establishment. Many questions need to be asked and solved in order for the scheme to be successful. Having already implemented a very successful 1:1 Macbook Pro laptop scheme, the ease of implementing a 1:1 iPad scheme is somewhat easier. Like most developments in education it is very important to have your staff (the teachers) on board and willing to adjust their pedagogy style to adapt to new uses of technology and learning in the classroom.

I have tried to include relevant areas to consider when implementing a 1:1 iPad scheme, however this list may change depending your school, the type of establishment and other educational considerations – (especially budgetary).

Areas to consider:
1. Wireless Network 
2. iPad Device Management .
3. iPad Protection
4. Application Management 
5. Content Management 
6. Pedagogy, Teaching Styles and Professional Development 
7. The Possible Downsides 
8. Costs and the Community 
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