Sunday, May 29, 2011

Create a Bibliography by Taking a Photo

How many times have you had to send a student back to complete a proper bibliography for an assignment or project. How many of your struggling students do not understand the correct bibliography process. Students can not see the need for bibliographies but lose marks because it has not been done correctly. Many school even have a cover sheet that the students sign to say that the assignment is all their own work and that a correct bibliography has been provided.

Press Release: New York, May 24, 2011 – From the very beginning, EasyBib has worked to make the old, painstakingly complex bibliography process simple and easy. Now, with their brand new iOS application, citing references just got even easier!

Once the new app is downloaded, writers can use their iDevice camera to quickly scan the barcode of a book, or just type in the book's name and, within seconds, an accurate MLA, APA or Chicago style citation is created. After that, the user can add more citations, or email and export the citations to's popular bibliography management service to be added to other citations being collected.

With the EasyBib app, writers, researcher and students can use their iPhone, iPod 4th Gen or iPad to quickly scan the barcode of a book, or just type it in and the bibliography is created for you. Either save it, include it in your research task or email back to your desktop. Nice little app that is very useful for education.

Healigan has also suggested that their students like QuickCite

The Quick Cite app, available on both iOS and Android for US$0.99, will transform any book's barcode into a properly formatted citation. The user simply takes a photo of the book, magazine or journal's barcode, and the app automatically emails them a citation formatted in APA, MLA, Chicago, or IEEE format.


  1. my kids have been using QuickCite too: works for books, anything with an ISBN

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