Thursday, July 5, 2012

Stop Motion Apps 2012 - Great Storytelling

Storytelling continues to be a powerful tool in education. Storytelling from a teacher's point of view allows us an insight into the depth of understanding our student have around certain concepts and ideas. It also gives us a privileged view into the world of the kids in our care.

Storytelling is just as fantastic for students. Storytelling apps allow students a voice, a way of telling complex narratives and a way of illustrating their ability to weave multiple ideas into a single and coherent storyline.

Here are a couple of apps that students and teachers of all ages will love. People never seen to tire of Stop-motion movies.

iMotion HD:FREE
iMotion HD is a time-lapse and stop-motion app for iOS. Take pictures, edit your movie and export videos to your device or directly to Youtube. Time-lapse is a cinematography technique which accelerates movement. Stop motion is an animation technique which makes a physically manipulated object look like it’s moving on its own.

StopMotion Recorder: $0.99 AU
StopMotion Recorder is video camera that makes stunning stop motion video like claymation. And you can edit, share movie via Mail, 'Facebook', 'Twitter', 'Youtube' from your iPhone. Sound supported as well as Loop & Reverse Rendering. Automatic capture with time interval and manual capture with simple touch on screen. The fastest rendering speed as well as Canvas Rotation

Frame X Frame: FREE
Frame X Frame by JOBY is a one-stop camera app that expands the photography capabilities of your iPhone. Produce fantastic stop motion animation videos, stunning time lapse photography, and fun self-timer shots! Shoot in time lapse mode and each individual photo will be saved separately in your library. Clean and simple picture taking: digital zoom, anti-shake & tap to focus.

Frameographer: $2.99 AU
Frameographer is a simple app for making time-lapse and stop motion movies in HD. The interface is intuitive and delightful. Time-lapse and stop motion movies are both created by taking a sequence of still images and playing them back at a certain speed. Frameographer makes this process easy and fun! Manual or Automatic shutter settings for making stop motion or time-lapse movies.

Ostanovca: FREE
Epic action figure battles, levitating girl adventures or beautiful time lapse videos, they’re all just waiting to be captured with the OSTANOVCA app! Shoot and direct your very own stop motion video masterpiece today with just one handy video app. Creating compelling, artful or just fun content to share with family and friends is easy, thanks to a delightfully retro user-friendly design.

Stop Motion Cafe: FREE
Simple, Stop-Motion and Time-Lapse application, completely FREE!! Capture sequences of images and create a movie. Pick the Images touching the screen or with time intervals, edit and create your movie to export to Camera Roll. This app allows you to save a project and continue work on it as well as an edit function that lets you remove individual frames if you make a mistake.

Designed for the iPad 2, the PixStop app captures as many as 10,000 images to create mini masterpieces up to 13 minutes long. Novice-friendly features, helpful tutorials and intuitive controls make this the perfect tool for first-time stop-motion animators and a great mobile tool for more advanced users too.

Stop-motion Camera: FREE
You can take it easy stop-motion animation! To shoot one or two objects by exposing film frame by frame process. Inches a re-shoot a moving object by repeating the process, with animated objects makes a difference. After this process, almost any object you can see the animation effect.

Create simple stop-motion animations with this easy-to-use capture app. Features include simple interface to rapidly capture images and organize them into scenes and projects. You can easily align the next frame with the previous one using the preview window. It supports both rear and front cameras on supported devices and you can reorder and delete individual frames or adjust frames per second.

Capmo: FREE
Capture the moment and create amazing photo animations! Create a stop motion animation that captures the everyday moments you live with your friends and family. Create gorgeous animations on the fly as well as storing images directly into your Capmo library. Share easily with the widely supported GIF format as you shoot animations up to 60 frames long.


  1. Don't forget Smoovie!

  2. I can hardly find words to express how thankful I am for posting this information! very useful!

  3. I am also using many of this application. “Capmo” is my favorite app to make amazing animation photos.


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