Friday, July 6, 2012

Early Years Apps for Learning

More antidotes of very young learners becoming engaged by and using apps continue to surface. There is even early evidence that preschoolers who use iPads for some guided activities have a small advantage with language acquisition. Dr D Bebell, Sue Dorris and Dr Mike Muir from the Auburn School District presented to Auburn School District Committee. This has yet to be proven conclusively but may have interesting outcomes for early years teachers.
There was no suggestion of which apps were used in the study but it did make me curious to see what apps were available for early learners. Here are a number of apps that can be used by preschool and infants age kids.

Alphabet Deluxe: $0.99 AU
Learn - toggle through the alphabet to see the pictures and words that start with the letter chosen. Press the picture to hear it. Practice- Choose the letter that the picture starts with. Play- This fun activity is great for all ages. Press the circle to reveal a random letter. Choose from the nine colored markers and start drawing something that starts with that letter.

Stories about Me: FREE
Stories About Me allows parents and teachers to create their own social stories for their children and students. Blending photos, text, and voice recordings into a talking picture book, children can playback rich media stories of their own personal experiences. Swiping advances the pages and tapping plays the audio; simple as that!

Letterschool: $2.99 AU
Learning to write letters and numerals will never be the same after a child tries LetterSchool. This app has raised the bar for all letter/numeral recognition apps. Children’s Technology Review. A fantastic program to familiarize kindergartners with the alphabet. This intelligently designed app will captivate the user through entertaining animations and an easy to navigate interface.
Wonder Kids: FREE
Wonder Kids is an educational application for toddlers, pre-school and elementary school children. Fun Learning Activities, as coloring, drawing, matching games, jigsaw puzzles and Bingo games. Contributing to the all-round and linguistic development of kids, the application gives them a sense of achievement and enormous satisfaction.

Spellmania: $0.99 AU
SpellMania encourages players to spell and learn harder and harder words. If the player makes a mistake, the host will repeat the word letter by letter with the correct spelling displayed on screen. Any misspelled words are more likely crop up again in the game, giving players another chance to get it right, reinforcing the learning.

ABC FlashCards: $2.99 AU
Kids learn their ABCs through play when they make the 'D'inosaur roar, 'Z'ip the Zipper, and more! Every letter is a unique, interactive toy! The memorable flash cards engage children in learning and aid in development. Develops reading foundational skills including uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and phonics sounds

Ready to Print: $10.49
Created by an Occupational Therapist. Ready to Print is a tool for parents, therapists and educators to help teach pre-writing skills to children to build a strong foundation for beginning printers. Ready to Print progresses through the pre-writing skills so that children can master the visual-motor, visual-perceptual, and fine motor skills.

Pencils Words and Kids: $5.49 AU
This app is a How To guide for kids and their mentors to get the words flowing. This app is not about grammar and spelling. The creative writing process is presented in entries and photos of kids writing, original artwork, and inspiring scenes. The photos will fuel brainstorming for stories, essays and poems. 

It's Learning Time: $0.99 AU
Can you complete each level by setting cuckoo’s clock correctly 12 times? Choose the level of play you wish to practise then drag the minute hand around the clock to match the time spoken. Press the yellow button to see if you’re correct, if you are, cuckoo comes out to say hello! Multiple levels.

AAC Language Lab: $1.99 AU
This app addresses all four language objectives to help early language learners as well as children with expressive language delays who use augmentative and alternative communication methods. Use the ‘Learn’ and  ‘Practice’ buttons to direct the child to find a specific target words.


  1. For what it's worth, we love your blog here in Auburn! Here's a link that should get you to more info about our program, including some of the apps we use, and links to my blog where I write about our work:
    Mike Muir

  2. Our App, SpellMania AU is now free and can be downloaded at this new link


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