Friday, January 20, 2012

Managing Individual Education Programs (IEP) on the iPad

Individual Education Programs (IEP) can be difficult to put in place at the best of times. IEP's are sometime a source of concern and frustration. The more informed people are about the IEP process the better the IEP can be. Parents will normally work with teachers to develop a plan to help the students succeed in school. The IEP assists this process by describing the goals the whole team sets for a student during the school year, as well as any special support needed to help achieve them. Here are a number of apps that make managing and collecting data for the IEP Process just that little bit easier.

IEP Checklist: FREE
IEP Checklist is a tool for parents and teachers to consider as they develop the IEP. Not every item on the checklist is required by special education regulations. For more information, consult the Federal regulations and other information that can be found at The IEP Checklist is sponsored by The Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center (PEATC).

Prologuo2Go: $199.99 AU
Proloquo2Go is for anyone who cannot afford spending thousands of dollars on an AAC device and yet wants a solution that is just as good if not better. SLPs, teachers and parents recommend it for children and adults with autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, developmental disabilities, apraxia, ALS, stroke or traumatic brain injury.

My IEP: $5.49 AU
myIEPmeeting helps parents and guardians effectively participate in their student’s Individualized Education Program process. Organize and gather information, Monitor child’s progress and Give Access on a mobile device to help maintain support. Tools include: Before, During and After checklists and questions to help gather and organize information for your IEP meeting; Behavior Tracker and Monitoring

First Then Visual Schedule: $9.99 AU
Designed to provide positive behavioral support for those with communication needs. This application provides an affordable and convenient audio-visual prompting tool for use on the iPhone or iPad. The portability and ease of use of the of the iPhone and iPad make it perfect for use at school, home or in the community. Visual schedules also help individuals transition to other activities quicker and more efficiently.

Goal Tracker on the Go: $2.99 AU
Goal Tracker helps you focus on daily tasks. It can be used to track good behavior, a set of chores, a daily routine, or other personal daily goals. You can also set goals for improving eating habits, taking medicine, drinking enough water, or whatever you choose. You can adjust your goals to make it more challenging. You'll visually see your accomplishments, and you can setup rewards for when you complete your goals.

Behaviour Tracker Pro: $31.99 AU
An app to track behaviors and automatically graph them. Dramatically improves the process of teaching and treating children with Autism! Supports unlimited number of children and observers! Optionally record video of behaviors or interventions for later review. Upload your data to our secure Team Portal for advanced online charting, team collaboration, video messaging, document management and more!

ABC Data Pro: $29.99 AU
A multi-mode data collection App made to assist professionals and students in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), special education, school psychology, and clinical psychology, as well as researchers conducting observational studies. ABC Data Pro is an unobtrusive data collection tool for behavior and/or event counting, partial interval recording, full interval recording and ABC (FBA) recording.

Autism Track $49.99 AU
AutismTrack is a journaling tool that empowers caregivers to easily track interventions, behaviors and symptoms. Checkboxes allow daily recording of any therapy, medicine or diet. Simple “sliders” allow rating of any behavior or symptom (e.g., eye contact, aggression and echolalic speech). Daily log screens provide a snapshot of any particular day’s interventions and behaviors. Users may also graph symptoms and monitor compliance over periods of time.

Skill Tracker Pro: $31.99 AU
Skill Tracker Pro automates ABA therapy instruction for children with Autism. STP allows unlimited clients and observers, optional video capture and charting/export of all data. STP has a built in library with hundreds of skills and targets that can be assigned to the clients’ curriculum. During cold probe data collection, skills and targets are automatically randomized, or the user can choose which target to probe, one at a time.

Conversation Builder: $10.49 AU
ConversationBuilder is designed to help elementary aged children learn how to have multi-exchange conversations with their peers in a variety of social settings. The auditory pattern of conversation is presented in a visual format to help students recognize and master the flow of conversation. Students will learn when it is appropriate to introduce themselves, ask questions, make observations and change the subject of the conversation.

iPrompts $51.99 AU
iPrompts is a picture-based prompting app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad It is used by parents, special educators and therapists working with Autism, Down syndrome, Fragile X syndrome, and apraxia of speech. The app includes picture schedules with a visual count-down timer so an individual knows how much time is left for a specific activity and choice prompts so an individual can choose the item they want.

iReward $5.49 
Behavior analysts often use tangible rewards when working with children. For example, when a child earns a certain number of stars for behavior you want repeated, they are rewarded. You can choose the behavior you are trying to reinforce, choose your reward, and then choose the number of times the behavior needs to be completed before the reward is earned.

Teacher's Assistant Pro: $7.49 AU
Teacher's Assistant Pro allows teachers to keep track of student actions, behavior, infractions, and achievements in the classroom. Communicate quickly and easily with parents and your administration by documenting student classroom habits and behaviors and sending reports via email or making a call right from your iPhone. Designed by a teacher, and used by thousands of teachers across the world. Includes PIN code security.


  1. Your website is ver comprehensive and informative. I really appreciate it. It makes researching apps for education in my primary French immersion classroom much easier. Thanks!

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  3. Great ideas here! Some of these have been discounted for autism awareness month. Thanks!

  4. Do you have any ideas for hearing impaired apps?

  5. For students with Hearing Impairment try this post;

    Hope that is helpful

    Cheers Greg

  6. Do you have ideas for Kindle Apps too?

  7. Will you make any apps for Android tablets? What great tools! Thanks

  8. Any Apps like this for the Nook?

  9. These app suggestions are great! I wish more of them were free, but they seem to be worth the price. Thanks for sharing these!

  10. This is wonderful. Do you know of good apps for OT? e.g fine motor and visual motor integration, visual perceptual, play/turn taking? Thank you again for publishing this!

  11. This will help me, thanks for the post.

  12. Why are there not any for android market???

  13. There are some great apps on this list. Thanks!

  14. Another great app is IEPPAL. Helps staff track progress on goals and provides data for IEP meetings.


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