Thursday, January 12, 2012

iPads changing the game for learning at Longfield

John Merlin over at MJO - learning, teaching, technology has written an excellent article on the introduction of iPads at one of England's most conservative school institutions - Longfield Academy. The School recently won a national ICT award for its ground breaking iPad scheme at the recent Education Business Awards held on 10th November 2011. Merlin has written concisely about the decision to introduce both Apple hardware and software. It was a finanically viable and sustainable approach to technology integration not decided by the school but rather through consultation with the staff, the students and the importantly the parents.

Merlin goes on to discuss the academic benefits of the 1:1 program as well as discussing the redefinition of the relationships between the students and staff - they are now a community of learners. This change in the relationship is most obvious in the cultural acceptance of "risk taking" for learning.

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iPads changing the game for learning at Longfield

Longfield Academy takes schools ICT to a new level, and the implications for other schools are important.

Longfield Academy
Longfield Academy: game-changing ICT
Longfield, in Kent, gets its first official mention in records in the Domesday Book and in Saxon Charters more than a thousand years ago. But in 2011 it has been setting new standards for learning and teaching with technologies.
The Longfield Academy for Arts and Sciences is thought to be the first school to offer iPads to all its learners and staff – and, even more unusual, there's no Microsoft. And the decision wasn’t made by Apple-oriented ICT advisers. It was based on consulting the school community – learners, staff and parents.

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