Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kathy Casey's iPad Resources Collection on Pearltrees

I have posted about Pearltrees before, it is an app that allow you to collect, curate, make connections and then share sites, blogs, articles or websites around similar ideas or concepts. I said at the time that I liked this concept because it was such a visual interface and that it allowed the viewer to see the physical links between ideas.

I found this one the other day and was impressed with the quality of the links. Kathy Casey has obviously spent a good deal of time collecting great resources for using the iPads in the classroom. This is the sort of curation and sharing that Pearltrees was designed for and Kathy has certainly used it well. 

Make sure you also have a look back up the tree as she also has some great resources around;
  • 21st Century Learners, 
  • Technology to Promote Thinking and 
  • Differentiation. 
She has done a great job pulling all of these resources together. Make sure you also follow the other related interests links to find further iPad related resources.

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