Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ultimate list of Minecraft Guides, Cheats and Video Tutorial Apps

Minecraft continues to give students a voice in their own education. Minecraft is almost perfect for presenting cross curricula projects and the idea that many students direct their own learning in the environment means that it can be a powerful tool in many teacher's toolbox. Students previously disengaged from education have often turned around their love to discover and create and in the process been valued for their particular set of skills. So if you have some little miners in your class here are a bunch of guides, cheats and how-to tutorials apps.

Ultimate Builder Guide for Minecraft: FREE
Take your Minecraft experience to the next level with this amazing new app dedicated to helping you build new exciting creations. Your one stop shop for Minecraft creations comes with walkthroughs for many different things to build. Build a new house from scratch in minutes. Very easy to use and quick to learn.

MineGuide Pro for Minecraft: FREE
This Minecraft guide from the makers of Skins Pro Creator comes the ultimate guide for Minecraft. Crafting recipes, mobs, items, wiki information, achievements, potions and more! What's best is that it updates live online so you don't have to wait for a new version of the app when Minecraft updates.

Crafted: Cheatsheet for Minecraft: FREE
Same great app, new name! Presents all the latest recipes and tips. Including dozens of recipes, including a comprehensive list of potion recipes and ingredients as well as a list of monsters in Minecraft and tips/tricks for defeating them. It also contains Item Codes and enchanting guide and reference.

MC Pro: Blueprints, Guides Storytime and more for Minecraft: FREE
MCPro has tons of 3D blueprints with 2D view and First Person support for you to better enjoy Minecraft; Build impressive structures and enrich your world with interesting designs created by the community. Also includes crafting, blocks, items, mobs, enchanting, smelting, trading, etc., and fanfiction stories! Previously known as Minecraft Pro.

Furniture Pro for Minecraft: FREE
150 furniture and other items to fill your home in Minecraft. Web updates as well as Builder quiz to test your knowledge. Plus, a bookmarking system so you can save your favourite items for further study. If you like what you see, upgrade to the full guide quickly and easily.

Ultimate Seeds: Minecraft Edition: FREE
The seeds are constantly updated with complete with screenshots, points of interest, seed ID, and other important information. Explore our seeds to discover stunning environments with breathtaking waterfalls, secret caves, and hidden dungeons! This app will be your one-stop resource for finding the best seeds!

ADV Guide for Minecraft: $0.99 AU
ADV Guide for Minecraft is a comprehensive thesaurus for all your Minecraft crafting needs. Craft more than 230 items right away without getting the sense of being lost. Are you a server admin? Don't swallow that whole periodic chart of blocks! Reference item ID's instantly anytime you need to generate them.

iEnchant - The Ultimate Guide to Minecraft $0.99 AU
iEnchant is the FIRST and ONLY app to assist you in getting a certain enchantment in Minecraft. Don't waste your time by gathering TONS of experience points, just to be disappointed by getting an enchantment you don't want. iEnchant will help you get exactly what you want.

Complete Guide for Minecraft: $0.99 AU
Minecraft Guide is the app for any Minecraft player. This app includes all the basic information for all Minecraft players. Includes recipes for ALL Potions as well as a map for all the trading with villagers. You can find how to craft every item and their information.

Cheats and Tutorials for Minecraft: $0.99 AU
Get the ultimate guide to Minecraft! From beginners to redstone! The Furniture Guide now included FREE as is the Advanced Video Tutorials. Also includes Redstone guides, tutorials and a guide for your first night in Minecraft!

Mineology -The Minecraft Bible: $0.99 AU
What you have here is the one and only companion you need to guide you through the world of Minecraft! Includes chapters titled The Book of Blocks, The Book of Items, Minecraft Clock. All chapters have extensive screenshots.

Tips and Cheats for the Minecraft Pocket Edition: $1.99 AU
As the quintessential crafting crawler mobile game, Minecraft Pocket Edition is very popular all around the world. Minecraft Guide for Pocket Edition collects all the tips and cheats from millions of users to help you play it best!

Guide PRO for Minecraft: $1.99 AU
Downloaded Minecraft, what do you do? The answer is simple, download the this app so we can help you out! Includes complete furniture guide with over 75 Items and over 20 furniture videos. Most reliable seeds with pictures and background pictures.

Advanced Video Tutorials Minecraft: $1.99 AU
Become a Minecraft Expert with these step-by-step advanced video tutorials! Step-by-step video tutorials on the most advanced Minecraft topics. Redstone tutorials tab with screenshots for every tutorial. Universally designed for iDevices. Well-organized for on-the-go access.

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