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Pirates on the iPad

O.K. I know this is a little bit of holiday indulgence - but who doesn't love Pirates. Here are a whole bunch of Pirate related apps for making yourself look like a pirate, reading and learning with pirates, right through to playing like a pirate. I hope these are as much fun for you and your kids as we had researching them. Now go and make yourself look like a pirate!

Make Yourself into a Pirate
Come on, have a go of at least one of these and tell me you did not laugh out loud. I had the whole family dressing up like pirates, all trying to outdo each other with their pirate-ness. Your students would love a day as a pirate.

Sid Meier's Pirates! Piratizer: FREE
Avast Matey! Download Sid Meier’s Pirates! Piratizer and you can become a pirate! Use your iPad to take a photo of yourself or a photo from your gallery and then piratize to your heart’s content. Easily share your photo with friends.

Piratize Yourself: FREE
Now every day is “Look Like a Pirate Day” with the fun and silly “Piratize Yourself” app that utilizes iOS 5 face detection to turn all landlubbers into a Pirate in real time. Featuring characters from the motion picture The Pirates! Band of Misfits, “Piratize Yourself” is fun for the whole family!

Make Me a Pirate: FREE (Not available in AU)
Make Me Pirate makes you the most wanted pirate on the sea! Pirate hats, cool masks and wild beards make you more handsome than Captain Jack. Wear a pirate tricorn and an eye patch then set sail for the seven seas Captain.

Pirate Cam: FREE
Equipped with hundreds of frames, hats, eye patches and beards Pirate Cam adds multi pirate effects to your photos. It's where your pirate dream comes true. Wear a tricorn hat, put on a pirate beard, hide one eye behind the skull patch, and standing on a sailing ship on the sea. Jack Sparrow is suddenly reborn!

iArrPirate: FREE
iArrPirate is the best way ta show yer pirate self. Whether ye be missing an eyepatch, forgot your cutlass at home, or just need polly to sit on yer shoulder, this is the app fer you. Tis time fer ya to look like a true pirate. Whether it be for Talk Like a Pirate Day or just 'cuz ya like Pirates it don' matter. Start using iArrPirate today or you'll be walking the plank soon!

Create Your own Pirate:
Have fun creating your own pirates. Decide which swashbuckling sword goes with which pirate hat. Decide whether the eyepatch goes with the peg-leg or not. Do not forget to take screen shots of these pirates to illustrate your stories. These can be prompts for creative writing pieces or the beginning for a great artwork.

1000 Pirates - Maker for Kids: FREE
Create your perfect pirate. Have fun changing their shirts, trousers and jackets. And do not forget their boots! Add different styles of beards and hair and put the finishing touches on your pirates with tattoos and super accessories.

Make a Pirate: $0.99 AU
Shiver me timbers! You can now make pirates on your iPhone! Enjoy swashbuckling fun as you make literally millions of pirates. Features high quality pirates characteristics so you choose bodies, heads, eyes, noses, ears, must aches, beards, patches, and earrings! Save your pirates to your photo!

Skullabones Island: $2.99 AU
Welcome to Skullabones Island, a fun-filled pirate playground. Pick a pirate and then choose their clothes in Pirate Dress-Up. Play three great games that help to develop your child’s dexterity and stimulate their creativity. Tilt your device to steer the pirate ship safely through shark-infested waters in Treasure Voyage.

Usbourne Sticker Dressing Pirates: $4.49 AU
A swashbuckling sticker dressing app based on the bestselling Usborne Sticker Dressing books. Dress the pirates and create dramatic scenes with over 200 stickers. Sea shanty music and sound effects included. Not for lily-livered land-lubbers!

Read A Pirate eBook:
Read along with these interactive and engaging adventure stories. Many of these rely on your input for the direction that they take. Enjoy making the decision that a good pirate would make to get to the end of the story.

You Choose! Pirates: $1.99 AU
You Choose! stories blend puzzles, games, and badges into one groundbreaking interactive book. Create your avatar and dive into swashbuckling, exploration and friendship upon the mighty Sawbuck, the most feared ship on the seven seas. Choose your path, but beware: Your actions have consequence!!-pirates/id578087985?mt=8

Argus Pegleg and the Treasure of Eyepatch Island: $2.99 AU
Arrr! A treasure hunt is afoot, and you're right in the middle of it as you search for the mysterious treasures of Eyepatch Island with Captain Pegleg and his crew, along the way choosing the direction the story takes. A fully animated and interactive environment for kids.

The Pirates Band of Misfits: $2.99 AU
The Pirates! Band of Misfits follows the luxuriantly bearded Pirate Captain - a boundlessly enthusiastic, if somewhat less-than-successful, terror of the High Seas. With a rag-tag crew at his side the Captain has one dream: to beat his bitter rivals Black Bellamy to the much coveted “Pirate Of The Year Award.”!-band-misfits/id512774194?mt=8

Decide your own Adventure Stories: FREE
Decide your own Adventure Stories let's you decide where the story leads. Each time you read you get a different result. Endless possibilities. After you read each page you are given two options. Touch your choice and the page will turn.

Augustin's Treasure - the Pirate's Island: $6.49 AU
Using Augustin, you are the author of a treasure hunt which will take your children on an adventure. Follow the pirates' map to the treasure chest. It's a great way to challenge your children. During the treasure hunt, the children have to find secret codes. Take a picture of your objects for later detection, and the codes appear in 3D using the iPad's camera. It's magic!

Write your own Book with Pirates:
Who has not wanted to be a pirate at one stage or another. Who hasn't seen themselves with a massive sword and a searching for the buried treasure. Now is your chance - write your own pirate story with you as the hero, finding the treasure before setting off to sail the seven seas.

Pirate Scribblebeard Treasure Hunt: $1.99 AU
Join Oscar, Josephine and Pirate Scribblebeard in this animated, drawing app! Encourages creativity and imagination through drawing and storytelling. Child's drawings become part of delightful animated cut-scenes as they complete the story. Tested and approved by children 3 to 10 years-old (1st through 5th grade)

Story Wheel Pirates: $0.99 AU
Story Wheel is an educational game that improves your child’s cognitive abilities. Story Wheel helps develop an understanding of story composition, strengthens imagination, and improves oral language skills. It is a perfect complement to your child’s language arts school curriculum.

Toontastic Jr Pirates: FREE
Toontastic Jr. Pirates is a playful storytelling tool for swashbucklers and scallywags as young as 3 to create their own pirate cartoons. Pick a beginning, middle, and ending - then animate your story just like a puppet show, recording your voice while you move the characters onscreen!

Learn with Pirates:
Who has not wanted to be a pirate at one stage or another terrors to learn there numbers or alphabet. Here are a couple of interesting learning activities for the tiny pirates.

Pirate Treasure Hunt: FREE
Apply your maths and literacy skills to make sure you collect the clues before tackling the next obstacle. Use the map to work your way through the obstacles one by one and in the right order. Use different strategies to solve the clues, and you’ll find the booty.

Maths Dots - Pirates: $1.99AU
Math Dots is a fun way to practice Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. Play connect the dots while learning math! At the end of every arithmetic quiz is a magic color picture. Just swipe to uncover full-color pirates!
Every puzzle unlocks new pirate artwork.

Pirates Adventure All in 1:
Pirates Adventure All in 1 is compose of alphabet, pirates puzzles, counting numbers, writing letters, pirate mix and match game, pirate memory pairs game, pirate coloring book, pirate painting. It is an all in one pirate game for your kids of any age – baby, toddler, preschool, and kindergarten. It is designed not only for kids but also for that kid in you.

Play like Pirates:
What was it like to be a pirate. What did yopu need to do, what were your responsibilities and what did you have to do once the treasure was plundered. Put yourself in the place of a pirate captain and make the decisions to see if you could lead a crew or motley scallywags.

Pirates - War: FREE
Are you a fan of pirates? Do you want to be come a pirate captain to wander around the world? Yes, Pirates is awesome. That’s reason we make Pirates War game. It’s a very nice and addict game so you can spend hours and hours. Pirates War will bring back the fun and excitement to you.

Plunderland: $0.99 AU
Play as Captain Peg Leg's ghostly spirit and help your pirates steal back his treasure from wicked sea tyrants! Sail between ports plundering all the treasure you and your crew can find! Intuitive tilt controls and a familiar aiming technique work together to make Plunderland's a unique gameplay style.

Era of Sail: FREE
This is a great game for decision making. You inherit sea port and need to make decisions to revitalise the economy of the port as well as send out goods to other ports. Buy and obtain cool ships and protect them with realistic canon fire. Lots of fun for the budding pirate tycoon.!/id634302357?mt=8

Captain O'Timbers Pirate Adventure: FREE
Captain O’Timber’s Pirate Adventure is a fun game for youngsters to learn to be more observant of their surroundings. Children will look and listen for clues for the hidden treasure in each scene. This will enhance their cognitive thinking skills as well as to help them to construct events into a logical story.

Great Pirates Battleheart: FREE
Help Pete the Pirate - using one of the most accurate and subtle tilt controls in existence - on a wobbly journey back home. Laugh with delight as Pete the Pirate Wobbles past other player’s actual score markers scribbled in the margins. Unlock different Worlds and Items to help you in your journey.

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