Saturday, January 11, 2014

iPad Picture Dictionaries

Picture Dictionaries are useful in a number of different educational situations. Many toddlers learn to identify and pronounce words using Picture Dictionaries and older students learning English can often start to identify objects with picture dictionaries. The beauty of using the iPad with picture dictionaries is that they do not need to rely on other people for the pronunciation. Tap the picture and it is pronounced for you. Here are a some that you might find useful.

Kids Picture Dictionary: FREE
One of the most comprehensive Kids Picture Dictionary App on Appstore! Download this A to Z Picture Dictionary with hundreds or words and sentences with a fun self-record tool for kids and parents to record their own voice and playback! Kids tested - they love it! Parents tested - they love it!

TJ's Picture Dictionary: $0.99 AU
Picture Dictionary is a versatile app for preschoolers. It is designed to enhance comprehension, vocabulary and pronunciation. All content is specifically designed around standard preschool curriculum. It is effective for native English speakers, English Language Learners and learners with special needs.

Alphabet Picture Dictionary: FREE
An app to learn english words. Tap the word to hear it spoken aloud. Swipe through over 500 words each accompanied by colourful pictures. The simple controls and easy navigation make it fun for kids. Accompanying colourful images and fantastic sound quality make it a great learning tool for Preschooler.

Giant Picture Dictionary: FREE
The giant picture dictionary has been developed to meet the long-felt need for a simple attractive and interactive dictionary for children. Designed for a child to use by themself, it is easy to operate, read and understand. Easy to browse interface with simple touch gestures keep the kids interested.

Picture Dictionary - My House: FREE
Picture Dictionary - designed for your pre-school children to explore and learn about objects around the house. Each of the scenes feature illustrations, picture highlighting, and item names. Switch on multilingual mode and learn the name of the objects in 2 other languages (English, Malay, Mandarin)

Kids Picture Dictionary: FREE
Kid's Dictionary is a useful app, not only is it a dictionary but also doubles as flash cards. The Dictionary provides a series of rich vocabularies, each word supported by pictures and pronunciation. The features include standard pronunciation and beautiful pictures can assist you understand the words.

Picture Dictionary: $1.99 AU
Picture Dictionary is a fun and educational app for all ages. Over 2,000 words, people, phrases, definitons, pronunciations, pictures and audio. Topics like History, Science and English. Seeing and hearing with picture association is a great way to learn. Challenge yourself or play against family and friends.

Children's Picture Dictionary: $2.99 AU
If a picture is worth a thousand words, there's no better way for kids to build their vocabulary than with Children's Picture Dictionary! Tap the word to hear it spoken aloud, then tap the picture to hear it used in a sentence. Switch to Game mode and practice what you've learned with a fun matching puzzle.

My Fun Dictionary: $2.99 AU
My Fun Dictionary has been compiled with the aim of making learning both stimulating and fun for children. By clicking the word, kids can hear the words correctly. Simple example sentences are given to illustrate the usage of words and also to give the child a feeling of some basic grammar knowledge.

Talking Picture Board: $1.99 AU
A simple picture board for children containing over 800 pictures organized in 40 categories such as animals, people, food, toys, feelings, family, etc. The names of the pictures are spoken when pictures are clicked. The pictures can be saved  for later study or for use to form pictorial sentences.

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