Thursday, January 9, 2014

Making and not just reading QR Codes

I saw a couple of great images yesterday on Twitter where a teacher was using QR Codes to share book reviews in one corner of the room and biographies of famous people from history in another. I know a lot of people are doing this but it was the combination that got me thinking about the ability of the students to generate their own QR Codes. I think they would love the opportunity to QR Code their work, their assignments or even a link to their next video. Here are a couple of apps that would let students create their own QR Codes - some allow the integration of images and coloured QR codes while others are more basic but free for students to download.

Generate Colorful QR Code: $1.99 AU
Generate Colorful QR-code of any photo or image that you select. This would be super cool in my art class but would work equally well in any subject area. Imagine using the kids photos as QR codes for their assignments. I can't wait to give this to students to see how else they will use it.

Kiasu QR Photo Tag Generator: FREE
QR code with your own Photo with Sharing capabilities? KIASU QR is invented to redefine QR experience! It is a QR-Photo Tag Creator! You can use it as QR code scanner or reader too! Snap, encode, select and share - that easy.

Microsoft Tag: FREE
No need to type long URLs simply scan a 2D barcode wherever you see one. Tag recognition technology transforms traditional marketing, such as print advertising, billboards, packaging and LCD displays, into live links that immediately access info, videos and other materials online.

Fancy QR Code Generator: FREE
QR Codes were cool but the problem is that they are all boring and anonymous. Make you QR code stand out from the crowd using colors and images! With this amazing app you can finally make them YOURS by using your logo or other image you like, or just pick on elf the different colors!

EmbedCodes: FREE
EmbedCodes is a simple utility that allows embedding and decoding of QR codes inside photos. With embed codes you can create your own QR code with customized color, embed it into a photo and save it to your device. From there you can share it via email, text and more.

QR Reader - Scan Create and Read with Logo: $0.99 AU
Just point at the code you want to scan and give it a few seconds. The code will automatically be recognized and scanned. Right, no button needs to be pushed, nothing. I doesn't matter what code you are scanning, QR Reader will recongnize it, be it QR, EAN, standard barcode or other formats.

Quargo: FREE
Quargo uses augmented reality to achieve their goal. The codes used are QR codes but they can be personalized to allow you to create your own, unique codes. AR is then used to bring the codes to life and allow you, the user, to mix the virtual with the real world.

QR Code Maker: FREE
QR Code Maker creates and scans QR codes. Create and than save to your photo library so you could use it! It's great if you want to promote a product through posters or website. Create SMS codes, Phone number codes, normal text codes, and websites links.

Bar/QR Code Maker:
Make, share and print QR codes in a single app. There are lots of programs that read barcodes and QR codes but nobody allows you to generate both in one app! The codes created are stored for reuse whenever you want. You can create QR code lengths up to 4296 characters and bar codes with text.

Quick QR Code Reader/Maker: FREE
The quickest and most efficient QR Code reader and creator. Now with this quick QR Code scanner and generator, you can easily and quickly discover the magic of QR code. Besides scanning and reading, you can also create your own QR code, share them through email or microblog. 

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