Thursday, October 24, 2013

Teacher Documented Workflows

Teachers in our system are documenting iPad workflows in an attempt to help clarify the learning process. This has been invaluable for those schools moving to a BYOD model. Many of these workflows also make use of our Google Apps for Education for the sharing of resources and collecting of student work.

These are examples of individual workflows within a set environment. These are often the result of unsuccessful experimentation. The idea is for teachers to take what works for them and modify others to fit their environment and their classroom practice.

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  1. You've certainly written an article that has drawn a lot of attention, especially from the ipad folks. Workflow is indeed an issue.

    But, I've got a concern with these solutions. They all end with the student uploading to a shared folder in Google Drive. The problem is that, on the ipad at least, if you can see a folder in order to save work to it, you can also read anything in that folder. A clever student will wait until a few assignments come in from 'the smart kids' and then massage it a bit, and - Presto!

    And, teachers cannot comment on that work in the Drive folder, as it's then visible to anyone in the class. The workflow breaks down.

    If I'm missing something here, I'd love to hear about it. Whether we use Drive, Dropbox, Copy - and even a WebDav setup, I haven't yet found a way that read/write privileges will work properly to make this workflow... um... work for me.


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