Saturday, August 31, 2013

Create a Report using Tellagami and iMovie

I had a conversation about Tellagami with a group of students yesterday. We had a look at it and worked out what it did and then brainstormed some of the ways we could use it to create evidence of our learning.  Almost immediately they wanted to import their own pictures as backgrounds.  It helped that they were in the process of making a Report on Australian Government so this provided an authentic activty to test it out on.

I really like Tellagami, they are simple to construct and quick to set up and because it only allows 450 characters the students have to be succinct with their words. That is, of course, unless you make a series of Tellagamis and combine them in an iMovie. This is what we discussed with the students. This iMovie took about 30 minutes to make from start to finish, admittedly the research had already been done. This meant you could cut and paste most of the text straight into the script. I was impressed with the finished product.


  1. Wow! Love what your students have done using Tellagami and iMovie. What an effective way for them to present their work.

    I teach prep but am also in charge of ICT P-6 in our school. I'll definitely be looking into Tellagami with our upper school students in the coming weeks. Maybe the preps will surprise me too...

  2. Excellent idea. Love the way way you used tellagami with imovie. I will be trying it out with my students, We also always try and combine apps. We use piclloage with audi boo or fotobabble, we combine skitch with showme and 30hands for peer assessment,

  3. Thanks for the creative list apps to make a student digital project more engaging, real-world and just plain fun. I would like to recommend the free iPhone app of Fotobabble to your great lineup of apps. This app too you can take or upload a photo and record audio- up to five minutes, and add text and fun stickers to enrich the interviewing/playback experience, book report experience, or utilize as an "All About Me" project of "Getting to know your community members activity."

    Thanks for all of your great shares!

  4. How did you import the Gamis into iMovie? I am having a bit of trouble figuring this piece out. Any help that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Greg
    I'm impressed with the Parliament Report put together by your Year 5 students, the combination of a series of Tellagamis & iMovie is very creative. I've used Tellagami for student reflection, in this case my Year 4 students were required to tell me about 3 ICT skills they had learnt during their Habitat project, the use of an avatar really engaged them.


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