Monday, January 14, 2013

Toddlers Learning with Apps

More and more toddlers live in the touch and swipe world. We have all seen toddlers navigate sophisticated iPhones and iPad apps. This can be one of the positive side effect of  the 'pass-back' syndrome, where we pass the iDevice back to the toddler in the car or supermarket line to keep them occupied. What if the time spent with iDevice was also beneficial and not just entertaining? Here are a couple of apps that parents can be happy to 'pass back' to their kids when the need arises.

Leo's Pad Appisode: FREE
Your child befriends 8-year-old Leonardo da Vinci. Together they go on dream-big adventures and play with adaptive learning games woven seamlessly into the story.  “Gally’s Birthday,” costars a young Galileo Galilei, who dreams of flying to the stars. Future appisodes will feature child versions of other historical characters in Leo’s band of friends, including Marie Curie.

Playground HD1 Lite: FREE
This "Lite" games collection contains 12 different games for kids. The developers have tried to make all games as clear and simple as possible. All games are clearly structured on the title screen so your children can quickly change the game without getting lost in the vastness of the iPad.

Beck and Bo: $1.99 AU
Beck and Bo is a fun educational game that is sure to engage your little kids in a creative way. Beck and Bo as they go on a train trip with their beloved dog, swim in the ocean with a giant whale, go on safari and run into noisy gorillas!  Kids are invited to build beautiful, animated scenes by dragging and dropping objects,  to their proper place; and while they do that, they listen to their names and sounds!

Grammaropolis: FREE
Grammaropolis is where grammar lives! Grammaropolis uses the parts of speech as animated characters whose personalities are based on the roles they play in the sentence. From the shady pronoun to the motherly conjunction, Grammaropolis achieves the impossible: it makes learning grammar fun!

Pogo Pig Savings: $0.99 AU
By learning to save money in order to get what they want through a fun and interactive game, kids learn the concept of self-control from a young age. "Pogo Pig Savings" is geared towards 2-4 years old and explores one of the fundamental success learning blocks for kids - the concept of saving.

Prewriting: $0.99 AU
PreWriting is an educational app for children aged between 3 and 6 years. Thanks to its attractive design children are able to practice many times the same activity without getting bored and they can also internalize the strokes worked. It is an apt pedagogical tool for parents and educators, useful as a complement to the school learnings.

Cambug Letter Sounds: FREE
Cambugs Letter Sounds has been developed by educational psychologists and parents, working in partnership with the University of Cambridge. Cambugs Letter Sounds is targeted at pre-readers, as well as struggling older readers. It uses evidence-based techniques that research has shown helps children develop their reading skills.

Babble Planet: $2.99 AU
For those parents with Non english speaking toddlers. Babble Planet is a fun learning game for children! Immersed in a fully English-speaking world, children find themselves in the midst of a great adventure where they will progress while practicing spoken English. Babble Planet helps him/her practice spoken English with fun mini-games.

Sight Words - Learn to Read: FREE
Learning Sight Words has never been so much fun! Using all touch features which kids love with playful sounds and professionally recorded voiceovers, this is a complete learning experience for any child who is beginning to learn Sight Words or looking to enhance vocabulary and memory. 


  1. it is true, today, a lot of applications that can help to improve the development of our children. but we as parents, should be able to choose the best application for our children and not to replace our role as parents. thank you for sharing

  2. I agree. We should use technology to help our children learn and develop. It's okay for them to just have fun from time to time, but combining both is integral. These are some of the best education apps for kids that I have found. They are free and interactive. They focus on a boy with magical eyelashes. My son loves them. Thanks for the other app suggestions. I am going to give them a download, too.


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