Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cool Public Service Apps

It is interesting to see the number of government agencies and departments starting to use apps to get their information across to a wider audience. These apps can be both public service announcements and a means to crowd source data in order to inform decision making. Here are a couple from Australia that I really like - some because of the design, graphics and visual representation of the message, other because they assist the public in locating, accessing or experiencing public places, resources or amenities.

The first is an app that I was informed about a while ago. It was designed to get kids involved in the process of storm preparation. The graphics are fantastic and the gaming element is a clever tactic. This is a clever way to get kids to have conversations with their parents about emergency plans in case of natural disasters.

Before The Storm: FREE
While the mad scientist builds a world-conquering robot, his hapless cyborg offsider tries to prepare the house for storms. Help iGor search the house to find all the items he needs for a disaster/emergency survival kit, then use these items to prepare and repair the property, before and after the storm hits.

WilderQuest: FREE
Ever wondered about the mysteries of Australia’s subtropical rainforests? Take a peak inside a virtual ecosystem and immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of our natural landscape. Welcome to WilderQuest - Nature Discovery, an initiative by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service. There are 16 different native animals to discover and unlock.

ClimateWatch: FREE
ClimateWatch is the best way to record the seasonal behaviour you see in plants and animals, and help scientists understand how Australia’s environment is responding to climate change. The ClimateWatch app is the perfect tool to use anytime you are bushwalking, in your local park, or relaxing in your backyard.

Beachsafe: FREE
Users of the Beachsafe app can access detailed information about Australia's approx 12,000 beaches including weather and forecast's, tide, swell, water temperature, service patrol periods, Lifesaving Clubs, regulatory and hazard information!

Field Guide to Victorian Fauna: FREE
The animals found in the south eastern Australian State of Victoria are unique and diverse. Detailed descriptions of animals, maps of distribution, and endangered species status combine with stunning imagery and sounds to provide a valuable reference that can be used in urban, bush and coastal environments.

My Environment: FREE
Find the Australian environmental places and species that make up your neighbourhood or area of interest.  MyEnvironment uses the GPS to show assets around you. See the heritage places, wetlands, protected species, protected areas,weeds and invasive species near you.

Disaster Watch: FREE
This DisasterWatch app is an initiative of the Australian Government. It provides information about disaster related events and disaster resilience in Australia. You should not rely upon any single source of information during an emergency; you should seek information from as many sources as possible.

First Aid: $4.49 AU
St John Ambulance Australia provides First Aid training to 400,000 people in Australia each year. St John Ambulance Australia is the most trusted name in First Aid training, kits and supplies. Now you can carry over 125 years of First Aid research, experience and knowledge right in your pocket.

OzAtlas: FREE
The Atlas of Living Australia is a national initiative to bring together rich information about Australian plants, animals, fungi and microorganisms, and make it publicly available online. The Atlas contains over 30 million records from a wide range of sources, as well as species pages, photos, distribution maps and mapping tools.

Vic-Heritage: FREE
Vic-Heritage explores the histories of the most important and unusual places in Melbourne and regional Victoria, Australia. Spanning significant  places from the 1840s to the present, the App captures everything from Victorian to modern architecture; from houses to industrial spaces; from mansions to bridges.


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  5. These apps can be both public service announcements and a means to crowd source data in order to inform decision making.

  6. Great collection of public service apps! I like the graphics very much...

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