Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Early Years Reading on the iPad

Generating a love of reading is one of those gifts that benefit a child throughout their whole life. These apps and storybooks are a couple of ways that you can use the iPad to develop this passion. Some are beautiful illustrated others have cool narrative while some just use the touch and swipe technology in a new way. Check out a couple of these titles the next time you want to get a kid into reading.

Babel the King: $4.49 AU
Babel is a fascinating and entertaining story. Its tactile interaction (blow, pull, push) and choice of fully narrated or 'I read by myself' modes make it suitable for children from the age of 2 upwards. The subtle and beautiful illustrations and captivating story-telling will also enchant children up to 8 years old.

Adventures of BB and Sam: $0.99 AU
BB and Sam have never left the sleepy little town where they were born, but that is about to change! Unexpected adventure awaits them when their journalist parents take them on assignment to Thailand.  Their journey leads them to a mysterious bookshop, flooded jungles, an elusive white elephant, remote villages and more. 

Lullatales - Puss in Boots: $0.99 AU
Marvelous stories and excellent form. Dive into the fabulous world of magic, extraordinary adventures, true values and real emotions, to discover the finest selection of the most beautiful fables for the iPad. Fabulous narration, charming illustrations and catchy songs – you will be charmed with LullaTales.

Hide run Growl: FREE
Creative animation and audio bring to life this story of friendship and helping one another, this app will suit the learning abilities of children from ages 2-7. ‘It is lightly animated with a nice educational and interactive feature that shows the name of everything pictured on each page with accompanying voice-over’ – digital-storytime.com

Pango Book 1 and 2: FREE
Funny adventures, animated stories, brightly coloured drawings and sweet characters. Try PANGO ! Easy to use and very reliable. You can surf through your chosen story thanks to the different illustrated tabs. In each new album, find 5 unpublished stories + 1 bonus game (your little ones will love it). Sweet and lovable, everyone will adopt it !

Ansel and Clairs Cretaceous Dinosaurs: $1.99 AU
From the creators of the award winning “Ansel and Clair Adventures in Africa” app comes a new series of Ansel and Clair adventures focused on dinosaurs. The three apps that are part of the Dinosaur Trilogy explore the different dinosaur periods, which are the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous Periods.

Adventures of Alex: $5.49 AU
Join a fun-filled adventure with Alex, an inquisitive and adventurous boy, on a journey to discover the origins of electricity with a shocking twist at its conclusion! Great educational app for teaching words to young children. Enjoy colorful, high quality artwork and interactive objects repeat back to you the name of what you are touching.

Lazy Town's Forever Booclip: $2.99 AU
LazyTown’s BooClips app is a digital children’s book that narrates stories using rich multimedia, vivid animations, video clips, music and songs from the LazyTown TV series! In this wonderful app, you will also find a Puzzle game, a coloring book, workout videos and sing-along videos.

Play Tales: FREE
We love reading, we love pictures, we love games and we love familiar faces! PlayTales offers interactive books: traditional and classic, popular and new, for toddlers and beginning readers that will engage them in books and stories once again. Recognized in this year's Mobile Premier Awards as a fan favorite by the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The Lion and the Bumblebee: $1.99 AU
"Lion and Bumblebee" is an interactive story for kids. It is created by education professionals and is designed to help children to learn while enjoying the fun reading experience. One day when taking a nap the lion was irritated by a bumblebee. He fought against the bumblebee while just could not catch him. The bumblebee even stung his nose...


  1. Exposing children to technology is good when properly supervised. Education is extremely important at early stages of your child’s development. Educational apps, kid will learn to count, read, find different words and pronounce them properly.

  2. Thank you for sharing The Adventures of BB and Sam! I am looking forward to checking out the rest of your suggestions on your blog!

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