Wednesday, October 26, 2011 - Another Curation Tool

I love the way that so many people are now curating their own version of the web. This means that people with similar interests or needs can follow a number of sites where people have collected meaningful and relevant information into one place. We have posted before about Pearltrees - an excellent way for groups or individuals to curate great info from the vastness that is the web. Another tool that is gaining in popularity is This is similar to in layout and allows for a quick browse of a vast number of articles. If you find one that seems to be on a relevant topic you simply click on it and it takes you directly to the full article.

Here is a good example of a curated by John Evans. John Evans’ iPads in Education is a fantastic resource for information, tips, articles, twitter posts and more, all having to do with … wait for it … iPads in education. Give it a go, create your own or get your students to curate one for a topic they are studying.

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