Tuesday, January 25, 2011

PenGo Stylus

After I blogged about the Nomad Brush I found another set of tools worth looking at - PenGo. These guys are a group of artists and designers who have got together to create a set of tools for the new touch screen devices on the market. The TouchPen retails online for $14.99 US

Not only have they developed a TouchPen stylus but also a BrushPen that allows you to write, draw, paint or navigate on the iPad, They work on any capacitive touch screen or application, providing the comfort and control of a pen instead of being "all thumbs" with your fingers.

PenGo Creative have also developed and are about to release a Drawing and Painting app - PenGo Paint. No release date has been set yet but check their website for announcements of the upcoming launch on iTunes.

These look good, especially as some of my students struggle with the fine hand-eye co-ordination skills necessary when working on detailed images on the iPad. I will have to get a few for my art classes - test them out. I'll let you know what my students think.

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