Sunday, December 4, 2011

Screencasting Apps for the iPad

Looking for app reviews and technology integration advice?  I just came across a great site - Technology with Intention. This article is on Screencasting Apps and is an example of what to expect from this site - comprehensive easy to read analysis in table format of a variety of apps. This is then followed by individual reviews of each of the apps mentioned. 

Put together by Jac de Haan, this site not only gives you great how-to and mini tutorials he showcases examples of teachers using appropriate technology to enhance the learning of their students. This is a very useful site full of interesting articles and great tech know how. Make sure you check out the rest of Jac's site. I have already spent a couple of hours here - well worth a little time to explore.

How cool is this! Jac from Techwithintent emailed me the other day and sent me the iframe code so this table will be updated everytime an iOS update is issued. You have to check out this guy's website - he is good, very good.

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