Tuesday, December 6, 2011

10 Teleprompter Apps to make you a Confident Public Speaker

I was in the State Parliament recently at the invitation of our local member. During our time there I had the opportunity to watch Question Time. One of the things I found really interesting was the number of politicians who carried iPad or iPhones. The leader of the government actually used a teleprompter app to give one of his prepared speeches. It was quite natural for him to scroll down the text as he spoke. Obviously he was not reading it word for word but using it rather like a well-prepared student uses palm cards.

A quick count showed that over 15% of the politicians actually had iPads and nearly 70% iphones, many of which were being used to text or twitter during this time. This makes an interesting model for our students. There are many teleprompter apps available for the iPad and there are many instances where these would be beneficial for yourself, your students or your colleagues.
  • class presentations or speeches 
  • book reports 
  • prepared monologues 
  • scripts for student videos 
  • teacher notes 
  • school assemblies 
  • staff meetings. 
Here are a list of 10 Teleprompter apps we have found useful.

1. Prompter Pro: $10.49 AU
Prompster PRO is the ultimate teleprompter for the iPad. It smoothly scrolls easily readable text. It is the ideal app for practicing and delivering public speeches, lectures, podcasts, radio scripts, video scripts, and for any other scenario that requires a speaker to communicate with an audience using notes or a script. Great for practice sessions or live presentations.


2. Teleprompter +: $15.99 AU
Teleprompt+ is a simple yet powerful teleprompter for the iPad. The most advanced and full-featured professional teleprompter. Many new features - including video recording, BlueTooth keyboard and foot pedal support, additional fonts, preview window, comprehensive user manual and help screens. Perfect for lecturers, students, teachers.


3. ProPrompter: $10.49 AU
ProPrompter allows you to use your iPad as a smooth scrolling professional teleprompter. ProPrompter features professional settings for fonts, font sizes, background colors, scroll speeds, mirroring, looping, landscape, portrait and automatic orientation modes, adjustable countdown, editing, direct script creation, remote control and a complete help menu.


4. SpeechPrompter: $8.49 AU
Turn your iPad into a mobile teleprompter with SpeechPrompter. SpeechPrompter lets you load the text from an existing speech or create a speech directly in the app, and play the text for your presentation just like a top-quality teleprompter! With SpeechPrompter, you have complete control - copy and paste text from a Web page, email other apps, set initial scroll speed and finger swipe to adjust.


5. Best Prompter Pro: $4.49 AU
Best Prompter Pro for iPad allows you to create and smoothly scroll scripts during a speech. It becomes your best friend while practicing and delivering public speeches. Useful for presenters, teachers, lecturers, students,  and any other person who needs to use scripts, notes or cue cards while speaking in front of an audience. Best Prompter also has an audio recorder and BBCode text formatting.


6. On Air: FREE
On Air is a simple teleprompter app for iPad. On Air will smoothly scroll your script, and store as many scripts as you need. Settings are saved with each script. With On Air you can choose font color, font size, scroll speed, background color, and toggle a 3 second countdown.


7. Orator: $2.99 AU
Give successful speeches with the power of a prompter in the palm of your hand. Orator's intuitive controls allow you to set the pace of your speech's text as it scrolls upward across screen. Orator is perfect for any of your public speaking needs. Adjust the speed as needed by tapping on the icons at the bottom of the screen. Double tap the screen to pause your speech.


8. IQ Prompter: $15.99 AU
iQPrompter has far surpassed being just a mobile teleprompter. It is the perfect personal tool for the professional, academic, student, politician, pastor, amateur or professional reporter, or anyone giving a speech or creating a podcast. Whether for a 30 sec. elevator pitch or a major presentation, iQPrompter is the ideal solution for creating, practicing, and presenting any speech, anywhere, anytime.


9. Prompterous HD: $1.99 AU
Prompterous will guide you during presentations, lectures. Import any type of document for both online or offline reading. Prompterous is the only application of its kind to support 24 formats including popular DOC, TXT, PDF, EPUB. Powerful combination of settings such as fonts, colors, backgrounds, styles, alignments, flipped text and timer are fully customizable.


10. PrompterPal: $5.49 AU
PrompterPal automatically scrolls your speech for you to allow you to engage your audience and not worry about losing your place. Various forms of remote control are possible as well as an external monitor. Share files between PrompterPal and a computer in several different ways. Currently PrompterPal is only available for the iPad. PrompterPal is not compatible with the iPhone or iPod touch.


  1. Haven't used any of the apps mentioned above, but used the eliteprompter app at a shoot today. No more laptops, monitors & cables! Gotta love it


  2. Oh and there's another one www.promtr.com. The only one that has been featured by Apple...


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