Saturday, December 3, 2011

Beautiful textbook comes to the iPad - The Professional Chef

Inkling again shows the way with their innovative approach to textbooks. This is an excellent example of how textbooks continue to develop into interactive experiences. The learner has a say into how they view the information, how many times they revise a concept and how they record their observations, or conversations with other students.  They even have a FREE chapter on Soups as a intro to the concept.

Inkling has teamed up with The Culinary Institute of America to rethink the classic cooking textbook, The Professional Chef, for the digital age. Their version is more than just a simple ebook... it incorporates videos, search, bookmarks, intelligent navigation, and stunning photos. It even adds social networking, that allows you to view and share notes written into the margins.

The social networking aspect of some of these textbooks is what will really extend the learning outside the classroom. The Professional Chef not only allow you to record your own notes but allows you to view the notes of others - this would be a great way to connect with professionals in the industry. We already see hundreds of talented and enthusiastic experts connecting with classrooms all round the world. This is a simple way to link the conversations back to the syllabus - meeting specific outcomes.

This concept is one that is also very easy to transfer to other subject areas. In a way every time one of these eTextbooks is published it means the next one is easier. As an Art Teacher I can see the possibilities of similar coding being used for Visual Arts, Maths, Science, English the whole range of subjects - each with videos, interactive graphs and manipulative interactives.

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  1. Hi,

    This is an entirely new kind of textbook that is dynamic, current, engrossing, and truly interactive. Today’s students have grown up completely immersed in technology. So these iPad notebooks are the ways they interact with their world. A textbook brought to life by iPad. Thanks a lot.


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