Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Quixey - App Search Engine

Looking for Apps made easy. Quixey is a App Search Engine - searching multiple platforms of apps. Excellent site based on algorithms that match the purpose of the app rather than  the name.

Imagine you want to find the best app for editing photos on your laptop or iPhone. Quixey is an all-platform app directory and functional search engine. Quixey's search finds the best app that does the function you want. You simply go to the Quixey home page and search for "edit photos". Quixey's search algorithms know that if an app is ranked highly on function pages like "make a photo black and white" and "red eye correction", then it's a good match for what you're trying to do.
Quixey is a powerful new way to navigate the growing universe of apps. Whether your platform is web, desktop, mobile, Twitter, Facebook, Wordpress, or one of thousands of others, it will find a list of apps that do what you want. It also includes a snippet of a review.

I typed in "making mindmaps" and was offered 10 pages of apps.

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