Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Features: Kno iPad Textbooks

The Kno app for iPad is currently only available on the US app store but it is indicative of the growing move and awareness in the need for alternative textbook publishing options. We can only hope that this move is emulated around the world.

After scrapping plans to produce an unusual oversized dual-screen educational tablet device, Kno Inc., an educational startup focused on reinventing the textbook. It has shifted its focus to creating educational software for the iPad. The company has released  Kno app for iPad with a retail site offering more than 70,000 digital textbooks for sale at up to 50% off print list price, as well as course management, note-taking and social media functionality.

Kno has released a couple of great new features in their latest updates; Kno 3D, Journal, QuizMe and Smart Links. The following videos explain Kno 3D and Smart Links
Kno has deals to offer digital versions of print textbooks from a wide range of textbook publishers. 


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    This new iPad app supports personalized learning and provides teachers and students with the benefits of Notebook software for seamless transitions between whole-class, small-group, and individual learning in classrooms. Thanks a lot.


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