Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Apps to Create Beautiful Colour Palettes

I was originally a Visual Arts teacher and spent many hours working with students to finalise colour schemes for particular artworks. It is amazing how the colour combinations can change a work and help to create an emotional response. Combining colours is not an easy task for many people. Although they may have the technical skills to create beautiful artworks students sometimes struggle pulling the work together successfully because of poor palette choices. Here are a number of apps to help in your creative endeavours whether it be painting, design, web building or creating images for the web.

Coolors: $2.99
Coolors is the color scheme generator just by tapping on the screen. Type in your colors to get good matching color combinations instantly. Browse thousands of popular palettes made by other cool creatives and then save your favorite or copy, export or send via email. Use by more than 500,000 users

Adobe Colour CC: Free - In app purchases
Turn photos into color palettes, patterns, type and shapes. With just a tap on your mobile screen, you can transform what you see into creative building blocks for all your designs. Make dynamic and customizable color palettes to use with all professional Adobe Image apps.

ColorDot: $0.99
Colordot is a color picker for humans. It's intuitive, fast, and beautiful. Allows you to build palettes with a swipe of your finger or use your camera to capture colors from the world around you. Colordot is perfect for students, teachers, web developers, illustrators, designers... anyone who loves color!

PANTONE Studio: Free - In app purchases
Use PANTONE color, to build color palettes consisting of up to five colors by selecting from color guides or to take a photo and use the color picker to build a custom palette. Extract colors from images your phone or Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram accounts

My Palettes: FREE
MyPalettes is a simple and user-friendly application that allow you to create your own color palettes from photos. Features include access to 600+ color palettes and their details so you can both capture color and show its HEX. Design your own palette and share it with friends.

IC Colour Palettes: $1.99
Create color swatches for Photoshop, iColorama and Metabrush. Pick the colors directly from images or use the scheme creator for generating your own palettes. Use the color wheel for creating palettes based on complementary, monochromatic, triads  and other color theory schemes.

Colour Viewfinder: Free - In app purchases
The Colour Viewfinder app will turn your photos into awesome color palettes generated in real time on the camera view. Pick any photo from your collection and customise the results with multiple creative layouts. Add RGB color information and share with others.

Palettes: Free - In app purchases
Palettes is a powerful productivity tool for creating and maintaining color palettes. Now you can create a color palette anywhere at anytime. Grab colors from a photograph, a website, or add colors using any one of 5 color models. You may create and store any number of palettes.

Coloresque: $0.99
Coloresque is a handy essential for everyone who works with colors. It's a simple yet powerful tool for color inspiration, creation, identification and modification. Just with a single tap, Coloresque can show and name any one of over 16 million possible colors.

Palette Cam: FREE
Palette is a tool for designers and artists, used to create unique color palettes from the inspiration all around you. Use your camera, or saved photos to create beautiful color palettes. Browse the inspiration page, an endless supply of great photos ready to be turned into colorful palettes.

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