Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Alternative Mindmapping Apps 2013

There are a whole bunch of other Mind Mapping apps that I wanted to have a look at. We did a review of some excellent Mindmapping Apps in 2011 and had a big response. The apps mentioned are fantastic but there are some other cool Mind Mapping tools now available. Mind Mapping is one of those skills that students can really benefit from, whether it is just to organise what they need to know, showing what they already know or even scaffolding a piece of writing. I love the ease of mind mapping on the iPad especially those apps that allow you to go back and modify or enhance an existing mind map. Here is a bunch, find one that is appropriate for you or your students.

Cell Storming: FREE
A unique mind mapping app that uses media for laying out thoughts and ideas. With Cell Storming you create mind maps by connecting hexagonal cells together and then adding media elements to these cells. You can add images, videos, voice memos, text, and web links to each cell on the map.


Dream-X: $7.49 AU
This app is a very effective mind map. You can work on a project of any size, make your mind maps vivid with colour coded branches and individual ideas. You can add images, labels and text to your ideas and assign various icons to the ideas. You can also choose the app colour scheme which works best for you.


MagicalPad HD: $0.99
Great app for school, personal use or business. Completely redesigned with iOS 7 inspired user interface and great new features. Organize your ideas and improve productivity. Best for meeting notes, brainstorming, capturing ideas, doodling, taking notes and managing lists and to-dos. I really like this one!

BigMind: FREE
BigMind is a great tool to record your ideas, create to-do list and take notes at meeting. It is a fast, intuitive method to collect ideas and information and think things through. Create more quickly and with more convenient operations, it will greatly improve your personal productivity. 


EDNA: $1.99 AU
See an idea grow from a thought bubble to a neat outline in one step. Like a traditional mindmap EDNA helps you organize your thoughts by entering your main idea in a thought bubble and then add supportive topics and details. Enter a Main Topic, 12 Topics, 72 Subtopics and up to 288 detail level items.


iBrainstormer: $0.99 AU
Brainstorm, To-do Lists, Spider Graphs, you name it! One of the only mind mapping tools that allows printing and the addition of pictures. Just double click to make a Node! Easy to use help feature! Ask questions, view tutorials, FAQ, etc. Dropbox, Peer to Peer Networking, Printing, PDF, Email, and Pictures!

Fluent Mindmap: $1.99 AU
Generate and explore your ideas with this simple to use mind mapper that features an uncluttered and clean interface. Use the clutter free designer to quickly generate and organise your ideas into an elegant mind map. Easily add new nodes, change text, and set colours for one or multiple nodes. 

Mental: FREE
Concept maps organize knowledge in the form of a graph of concepts. Concepts are represented in a rectangular box, and are connected to other boxes by arrows. These arrows define the relationships between the connected concepts. Concept boxes may have relationships to and from several other concept boxes.


Trout: $2.99 AU
Trout is loosely based on the mind mapping concept that allows you to rapidly associate ideas in a non-linear way. Ideas can be categorised with colour and icons and you can use images. Trout incorporates an audio which allows you to record through your iPads internal mic while continuing to create a map.


Mind Concept: $5.49 AU
Tool for rapid creation of complex mind maps: Brainstorming, planning, organizing, creating concepts. No matter whether you are preparing for an exam, organizing homework or planning a major project, Mind Concept lets you illustrate your ideas and their relationships clearly. 

Ruminate: $5.49 AU
Ruminate 2.0 is the ultimate way to outline papers and organize research. Now with expanded reference capabilities, more options for sharing, and plenty more, the App Store's only text-focused mind mapping app is back and better than ever! Don't just think: Ruminate. Quickly and easily combine your ideas with the electronic and hardcopy sources to create fluid and comprehensive outlines.



  1. Another one to look at is Mindjet Maps.

  2. Inspiration good too - lite version free

  3. Only just seen this! But thanks for featuring my Cell Storming Free app! Kind regards, Tim.


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