Monday, November 4, 2013

Teacher 101 iPad Sessions

I have recently been asked to provide a number iPad sessions for teachers. I had one school where they had recently bought a large number of iPads and wanted to start from scratch. Another had a 1:1 Program in a particular year group but wanted their colleagues to get an understanding of the potential of iPads in the classroom. I was able to use this Teacher ToolKit idea for both groups.

Another one of the ideas I have been using was one that I borrowed from a talented friend and inspirational teacher in New Zealand - Allanah King @AllanahK. She published her iPad Bingo idea on her blog a couple of months ago. I have used it numerous times since and it has been a success each time. I make sure that every time I use it I credit her with the concept. Here it is in it's latest incarnation updated for iOS 7. Make sure you visit Allanah's blog for a heap of other great stuff.

Make a copy and put your own school name or crest at the top. It is always good for staff to see resources specifically designed for them.

Schools have also used this as part of Bootcamps for iPad Rollouts with students. They love it as well.


  1. Love the Bingo...

  2. The rubber bands to keep the dongle connected!!!! Brilliant! It always drives me crazy when it comes disconnected! Thanks!

  3. Can't wait to use the bingo.


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