Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mobile Learning and Play for Kids - Fingerprint

There seems to be some excellent apps for the little ones lately. Fingerprint are one lot of developers that seems to have hit the right combination of fun, instruction and cool graphics. I rarely promote individual app publishers on the blog but I have continued to find more and more interesting apps from these guys. Normally I try to give people a series of apps so they can choose one that suits the way they work or the way their students learn but today I have listed a number of apps from the same company. These guys have over 30 apps many of them free.

Scribble My Story:
Scribble My Story is a junior version of the popular Scribble Press App. Scribble My Story is a design collaboration between Fingerprint’s early learning experts and the Scribble Press team to deliver an age appropriate creativity experience. This is a book and art creation platform where kids can imagine, create, and share what they make with their parents.

The sky’s limit when you go camping with Caillou! This Step-by-Story app let’s your child set the scene for a playful camping adventure. Step-by-Story apps engage your child’s imagination while building reading readiness skills. Caillou’s is carefully designed for pre-readers and early readers to combine settings, characters and actions to create brand new stories to read, watch and share.

The Veggie Tales:
Every element of this app is designed to keep tyour child focused on the right things. The screens feature large buttons that require press-and-hold, so they can’t be pressed by accident. Stories are deliberately short and easy to create, so that the youngest of children can experience the fulfillment that comes from being able to complete a meaningful task without help from an adult.

Panda Panda:
Panda Panda is an original book character brought into the digital world with an exciting and fun new app that combines great game play and great storytelling for children who love Pandas or who love Vacuuming! This is a good thing, because Panda makes messes everywhere he goes! Help Panda clean up by dragging and dropping toys, blocks, clothes and even snacks into the right toy chests.!/id583175398?mt=8

Green Streets:
Join the fun in the magical town of Green$treets by rescuing endangered animals! Earn money by planting a beautiful garden, or by tossing items in the treehouse using a catapult and keeping ShmootzTM, the gooey monster who is always making a mess, from ruining all the fun! After the animals are rescued, take care of them by feeding and playing with them until they are ready to go home.$treets-unleash-loot!/id564402206?mt=8

Minuscule Private Lives of Insects:
Enter the tiny, but totally exciting world of Minuscule! This racing app follows the story of a mischievous Ladybug, an angry Fly, an army of Red Ants and many more interesting insects. At each level, you must race and dodge to collect coins – and unlock new environments to explore. What tiny wonders will you discover in your travels?

Whole Wide World:
Whole Wide World takes you on a journey of sight, sound and play. Learn about the monarch butterflies of Mexico and the giant rocks of Iceland. Ride a Kangaroo in Australia or find hidden objects in China! Fill your scrapbook with postcards from around the world and learning fun facts along the way.


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