Friday, August 23, 2013

Keyboard Shortcuts for Sign-on Environments

As I was moving around the classroom yesterday Nathan a Yr 4 student wanted to show me a shortcut he had designed for his login procedures. Our whole system has gone Google Apps for Education and we have a single sign-on environment in place. However, the students still need to sign in several times a day if they are bumped off the wifi or do not use the device for some time. This is fine for primary and secondary students but what about those kindergarten and Yr 1 kids who struggle to remember how to spell their own name let alone an email address. This might be part of a solution. So what did Nathan show me. Nathan made a keyboard shortcut to speed up this process. Keyboard shortcuts are not new you say but to use it in this way certainly is for me. Here is how he did it.

Creating a Keyboard Shortcut for Signing in:
1. Go to your Settings
2. Select General
3. Scroll down until you see Keyboard and select

4. Select Add a New Shortcut

5. Type into the Phrase text box your email address -
6. Type into the Shortcut text box your shortcut - Cool


Now every time the student types in "Cool" it will create a shortcut to their email address.

This is an excellent option for teachers of very young children using iPads who have trouble logging in.

** The only problem here is that no matter where you type the Shortcut word the option for your email address will appear. To not use you will need to delete the suggested phrase using the x.

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