Friday, February 22, 2013

Skitch Primary Poster

This is the second in a series of posters for supporting Primary students in an iPad environment. I love Skitch as a tool for my students to show me what they have learnt. I know a lot of the students navigate freely within the touch and swipe environment but this is for those little ones who might forget what some of the buttons do.


  1. Greg,
    I introduced Skitch to my kinders and first graders last week. They took photos of themselves and then typed in three adjectives describing themselves with arrows pointing to themselves. A very simple way to start. BUT I ran into a problem: having to type in email addresses to save their work. I just had them save their work to the camera roll. But I plan to use Skitch for future science lessons and would love to save their work directly to Skitch. So, how do you handle email addresses? Do you a generic one that everyone uses? Or does each child get their own? Help!

  2. This fantastic and I appreciate your sharing it. I love using Skitch and your poster reminded me of how easily you can blurr an image of a student's face, if you need to, using the pixelise option.

  3. Very nice app... good for students for learning...

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  5. Skitch looks like an interesting app for the iPad. I think that iPads definitely have a role to play in education i just hope that rural schools are getting the same message. Do you think that primary school is two young to introduce students to the internet?

  6. New to IPads and education! I am now in my masters for integrating technology into the classroom. I have an opportunity to introduce IPads at school. I virtually no experience, but am very adaptable. Any information is welcome on where to begin. I will check out Skitch. Thanks!

  7. Now that looks like a good fit for us too.

    But you're so funny saying - "but this is for those little ones who might forget what some of the buttons do." - not only the little ones, but the big old ones too, like me.

    Thanks for the heads up, I think that's a good match.

  8. How much does this app cost in Pennsylvania??
    Its a gift for easter to my children and i really would like to know before i make the WRONG desision. I want the cheapest one out here.

  9. Nice.. Its really amazing for student as well as new learners.. Interesting and very attractive..I like this.thanks for sharing.


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