Monday, July 9, 2012

iMovie Trailer Storyboards - T.I.M.

I love iMovie Trailers. They are a useful way to get students to think about the main concepts and ideas of a particular topic. We have used iMovie to get students to create Trailers for novels, historical events or figures and even contemporary social issues. They are a great way to present part of a research project on scientists, mathematicians, explorers, artists or architects.

Timothy Jefferson has put together a couple of fantastic storyboards for creating Trailers in iMovie. These are great for students who get stuck getting started. These storyboards actually give you a guide to the type of footage you need and how much you will require - there is nothing worse than getting to the end and then realising that you do to have enough film to complete your Trailer. Make sure you check out Timothy Jefferson's blog, he has some really interesting resources that he is sharing. Thanks Tim.


  1. But the pic abouve is not from your students :D Looks a bit chinese to me.

  2. None of the links in this blog or on Tim Jefferson's blog work. I really want to look at these help sheets. Any ideas?

  3. AppsInEducation - many thanks for linking to these storyboards. I'm pleased that so many have found them useful. This has spurred me on to create three more, which can be found here:

    I have updated my blog theme and address system but the old link still works, it is just redirected.


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