Monday, June 25, 2012

Year 5 App Review - Apps that help them learn.

Miss Martins is a eLearning Reference Teacher at a fantastic systemic Catholic School in Sydney's east. She has been working with Year 5 classes to document which apps they use to concrete their own learning. This is a fantastic way to start a conversation with your kids about how we learn and how individuals have different learning requirements. Wallwisher was the perfect way to document and then share this reflective process. I love the fact that this could then be shared with other students, other classes, other teachers and even with parents. So what were some of the apps these students identified as ones that contributed to their learning. Here we go.....


Virtuoso Piano


I would like to thank Miss Belinda Martins and her Yr 5 classes for sharing such a valuable resource. A big shout out to all the students who contributed. Thanks you very much everyone!!!!!

Chris 5R
Loretta 5R
Wiliam 5D
Brendan 5R
Isabella 5R
Carmen 5R
Jordan 5R
Ashley 5D
Kiara 5R
Stella 5D
Holly 5R
Michael 5R
Nicholas 5R
James 5R
Chris 5R
Chris 5R
Aman 5D
Junn 5R
Bradley 5R
Emily 5R
Noah 5R
Claudia 5D
Jake 5D
Joe 5R
Erik 5D
Zoe 5R
Emily 5D
Bridget 5D
Kyran 5D
Rhys 5D
Edwina 5D

Jessica 5D
Joshua 5D
Olivia 5D
Lara 5D


  1. Thanks for sharing this list! I'm going to try some new ones based on your recommendations. Terrific!

  2. For young children, I would recommend A Jazzy ABC. Its great for parents and kids to use together, on an iPad for example. The kids will be taught their ABCs and will learn about jazz music at an early age. The app itself runs great, the animation and design is quite cute and entertaining. I'd definitely recommend it.


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