Thursday, March 22, 2012

Classroom Set up for the iPad

Greg Kulowiec is in the process of documenting a project of a paperless research task with a Yr 10 English class. He is recording this on his blog Kulowiectech. One of the things that I like about greg's blog is his conversation about technology and how it best serves the learning outcomes. This is a conversation that all schools need to have especially around iPads. I have seen a number of school purchase multiple devices and then struggle with the idea of how to use them to substantially improve learning outcomes. Greg suggests that this conversation needs to happen before any project is embarked upon. I would suggest that this conversation needs to happen well in advance of the devices being purchased

He is currently in his 8th year with the Plymouth Public Schools. His role now consists of being a Technology Integration Specialist and History teacher at Plymouth South High School. Check out his site for the full article

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